1st Edition

Physical Processes in the Coastal Zone Computer Modelling and Remote Sensing

Edited By Arthur P. Cracknell, E.S. Rowan Copyright 1989
    416 Pages
    by CRC Press

    As people come to realize the importance of the environmental impact of human activities, the study of the coastal zone has become increasingly important. In addition, new environmental legislation at regional, national, and international levels will doubtless highlight the importance of a fuller understanding of the coastal areas. Together, these factors have led to substantial new requirements for the acquisition and monitoring of relevant environmental information and for a fuller understanding of the processes at work-work for which the use of remote sensing techniques is essential.

    To meet the requirements of this emerging discipline, Physical Processes in the Coastal Zone: Computer Modelling and Remote Sensing integrates basic physical processes with extensive information from remote sensing systems such as those on aircraft and spacecraft. It covers the physical processes that occur in the coastal zone, an area in which 60% of the world's population live. Written by international experts, the text provides a comprehensive, graduate-level introduction and overview that is suitable both for those entering the field and for those already working within it.

    Overview of physical processes and remote sensing in the coastal zone by Cracknell
    Fractals: how long is the coastline? by Rees
    Fluid dynamics in the coastal zone by Folkard
    Mathematical modeling of coastal processes by Dong
    Remote sensing of coastal environment and resources by Klemas
    Airborne remote sensing of fish habitat, channel morphology and riprian conditions by Roberts, Bach, Coburn, and Haefele
    Acquisition of satellite based remote sending data for coastal applications by Crawford
    Data fusion by Parks
    The carbon biogeochemical cycle: mangroves and the coastal zone by Ong
    The Earth's radiation budget: factors affecting it in coastal regions by Varotsos and Chronopoulos
    Near-shore bathymetry and side-scan sonar by Wewetzer and Duck
    An introduction to underwater light processes by Malthus
    Radiometric calibration of an optical spectrometer by Gu
    Developments in radar and satellite rainfall measurement by Nirala and Cracknell
    Mixing of sediments in estuaries by McManus
    Computer modeling and earth observation: providing data for coastal engineering by Millard
    Remote sensing for coastal zone management-new techniques and applications in the Netherlands by Feron
    Pollution monitoring: cleaning coastal zones in the post-Soviet era by Victorov
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    Arthur P. Cracknell, E.S. Rowan