2nd Edition

Physical Properties of Materials for Engineers

By Daniel D. Pollock Copyright 1993

    Physical Properties of Materials for Engineers, Second Edition introduces and explains modern theories of the properties of materials and devices for practical use by engineers. Introductory chapters discuss both classical mechanics and quantum mechanics to demonstrate the need for the quantum approach. Topics are presented in an uncomplicated manner; extensive cross-references are provided to emphasize the inter-relationships among the physical phenomena. Illustrations and problems based on commercially-available materials are included where appropriate. Physical Properties of Materials for Engineers, Second Edition is an excellent introduction to solid state physics and practical techniques for students and workers in aerospace industry, chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, industrial engineering, materials science, and mechanical and metallurgical engineering.

    Beginnings of Quantum Mechanics. Waves and Particles. The Schrödinger Wave Equation. Thermal Properties of Solids. Classification of Solids. Electrical Resistivities and Temperature Coefficients of Metals and Alloys. Thermoelectric Phenomena. Diamagnetic and Paramagnetic Effects. Ferromagnetism. Physical Factors in Phase Formation. Semiconductors. Dielectric Properties.


    Daniel D. Pollock