1st Edition

Physical and Emotional Hazards of a Performing Career A special issue of the journal Musical Performance.

Edited By Basil Tschaikov Copyright 2001

    The considerable number of musicians experiencing physical and emotional problems has led doctors around the world to become increasingly concerned. The twelve articles in this issue of the journal Musical Performance bring together both the thoughts of British and North American doctors who discuss the main problems experienced by musicians and their cures. Topics range from voice disorders and deafness, to stress and the causes and cures of stage fright. A glossary is included that explains the meaning of those medical terms likely to be unfamiliar to the general reader. Basil Tschaikov was appointed artistic and executive director of the National Center for Orchestral Studies at London University at Goldsmith's College, London, England 1979. Since 1987 he has served as chairman of the Music Performance Research Center and directs its oral history of musicians program in Britain.

    Chapter 1 The Causes and Effects of Stress in the Orchestral Player, Dr Ian James; Chapter 2 Helping Performers, Dr Ann Fingaret; Chapter 3 Pain in the Upper Limbs in Musicians, Ian James, Christopher Wynn Parry; Chapter 4 Causes of Stress in the Popular Musician, Geoffrey I. Wills; Chapter 5 Stress and the Music Student, Catherine Butler Smith; Chapter 6 Dystonia in Musicians, Richard J. Lederman; Chapter 7 Brass Players and Embouchure Problems, Richard Canter; Chapter 8 Voice Disorders, Deborah Caputo Rosen, Robert T. Sataloff; Chapter 9 The Effects of Sex Hormones on the Female Voice, Gordana M. Prelevic; Chapter 10 Velopharyngeal Incompetence in Wind Players, D.R. Ingrams, D.J. McFerran, J.M. Graham; Chapter 11 Deafness in Musicians, A.G.D. Maran; Chapter 12 Stage Fright, Glenn D. Wilson;


    Edited by Tschaikov, Basil