1st Edition

Physical modelling in coastal engineering Proceedings of an international conference, Newark, Delaware, August 1981

Edited By R.A. Dalrymple Copyright 1985

    This volume is an outcome of the conference on physical modelling in coastal engineering in 1981. It consists of a number of papers which cover the following: the generation of waves in the laboratory, the modelling of sediment transport and the application to various engineering problems.

    Introduction to physical modelling 1. Introduction to physical models in coastal engineering Water waves in the laboratory 2. Physical modelling of water waves 3. Absorbing wave-makers and wide tanks 4. Directional wavemakers 5. Digital to analog wavemaker simulations 6. Laboratory modelling of edge waves Sediment transport modelling 7. Physical modelling of littoral processes 8. On understanding scale effect in coastal mobile bed models 9. Sand transport over weir jetties and low groins Applications of modelling 10. On modelling from grass to dolosse 11. Investigation of wave pressure on vertical wall 12. Beach profile modelling


    R.A. Dalrymple