1st Edition

Physicians as Leaders Who, How, and Why Now?

By Mindi McKenna, Perry Pugno Copyright 2006

    This practical work has clinical guidelines, and advice on controlling symptoms, as well as showing doctors and carers how to provide physical and psychological comfort. It helps the clinician to develop a scientific approach to managing symptoms.

    Exploring physician leadership. Good news: physicians can be well-suited to lead. Overcoming special challenges often faced by physician leaders. Leadership concepts and competencies. Our research findings about physician leadership. Physician leadership pathways and outcomes. Physicians as experts: leading clinical excellence. Physicians as executives: leading organizational excellence. Physicians as pioneers: leading innovations in healthcare. Physicians in congress: leading healthcare reform. Leading physicians in unique settings. Stepping stones for successful physician leadership. Credibility through competence and character. Clarity of vision and communication. Collaboration through commitment and teamwork. Coordination of decisions and actions. Change enabling resilience and renewal. Becoming a compelling physician leader. Being a leader: reflection, self-awareness, focus and goals. Learning about leading: self-study, training workshops and formal education. Learning by leading: on- job experience and volunteer leadership roles. Learning from leaders: relationships, mentors and teams. Launching other leaders: coaching, teaching, publishing and speaking.


    Mindi McKenna, Perry Pugno