1st Edition

Physics Of Creep And Creep-Resistant Alloys

By F R N Nabarro, F. de Villiers Copyright 1995

    Unique in its approach, this introduction to the physics of creep concentrates on the physical principles underlying observed phenomena. As such it provides a resource for graduate students in materials science, metallurgy, mechanical engineering, physics and chemistry as well as researchers in other fields. Following a brief mathematical treatment, the authors introduce creep phenomena together with some empirical laws and observations. The mechanisms of creep and diffusion under varying experimental conditions are subsequently analysed and developed. The second half of the text considers alloying in greater detail as well as exploring the structure and properties of superalloys and stress effects in these materials.

    Introduction to creep-resistant alloys; The phenomenology of creep; The mechanism of creep; Dispersion strengthening; The plasticity of single crystals having the Li2 structure; The plasticity of "single crystals" of two phase y/y' alloys; Mechanical properties of polycrystals and the problem of fracture; Possible new high-temperature creep-resistant materials.


    F R N Nabarro, F. de Villiers