1st Edition

Physics and Chemistry of Photochromic Glasses

    Photochromic glasses are among the most widespread types of glasses, due largely to their popular use in sunglasses. These glasses are used not only in sunglasses, but also in various opto-electronic devices that have been developed and produced throughout the world. Until now, information about photochromic glasses has been widely dispersed in the literature, much of which was published in Russian and therefore of limited accessibility to the Western world. Physics and Chemistry of Photochromic Glasses brings together the combined knowledge and understanding of photochromic glasses from these publications. Coverage includes the structure, optical properties, coloration and bleaching mechanisms, technology, and metrology of these interesting materials.

    Photoinduced Generation of Defects and Photochromism in Homogeneous Silicate Glasses
    Intrinsic, Extrinsic, and Induced Absorption Spectra
    Color Center Generation by Intrinsic and Extrinsic Absorption Band Excitation
    Thermal Fading and Optical Bleaching of Color Centers
    Photochromic Properties of Homogeneous Silicate Glasses
    Basic Parameters of Photochromic Materials and Methods for Their Measurement
    Phenomenological Description of the Properties of Materials with Unstable Photoinduced Absorption
    Integral and Spectral Photosensitivity
    Spatial Inhomogeneity of Coloration
    Photometric Setup for Nonstationary Characteristics Measurement
    Photosensitive Phase Formation in Heterogeneous Photochromic Glasses
    The Conditions for Heterogeneous System Transparency
    The Role of the Vitreous Host in Heterogeneous System Formation
    Crystalline Phase Precipitation in the Process of Heat Treatment
    Spectral Properties of Photochromic Glasses
    Spectra of Silver Halide Glasses
    Absorption Spectra of Nonexposed Glasses
    Spectra of Photoinduced Absorption
    Effect of Optical Bleaching on Photoinduced Absorption Spectra
    Spectra of Copper Halide Glasses
    Absorption Spectra and Electronic Structure of Nonirradiated Glasses
    Nonlinear Absorption
    Effect of Scattering on Photoinduced Attenuation Spectra
    Kinetics of Coloration, Fading, and Bleaching
    Mechanisms of Photoinduced Coloration
    Mechanisms of Thermal Fading
    Simulation of Kinetic Processes
    General Statement of the Simulation Problem
    Kinetics of Coloration
    Technology of Photochromic Glasses
    Melting and Heat Treatment
    Effect of Composition on Properties
    Silver Chloride
    Silver Bromide
    Silver Iodide
    Copper Admixture
    Cation Additives
    Anion Additives
    Waveguides in Photochromic Glasses
    Optical Properties of Planar Ion Exchanged Waveguides
    Effect of Ion Exchange on Photochromic Properties
    Anisotropy of Photochromism
    Mode Selection
    Light Propagation in Coupled Photochromic Waveguides
    Optical Sensitization of Coloration
    Effect of Visible Light on Colored Photochromic Glasses and Waveguides
    Cooperative Breeding of Color Centers
    Recording and Amplification of Images at Long Wavelength Sensitization


    Alexander V. Dotsenko (Author) , Leonid B. Glebov (Author) , Victor A. Tsechomsky (Author)