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Physics and its Applications

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Thermal Physics

Thermal Physics

2nd Edition

By C.B.P. Finn
December 19, 2017

Concise yet thorough, accessible, authoritative, and affordable. These are the hallmarks of books in the remarkable Physics and its Applications series. Thermodynamics is an essential part of any physical sciences education, but it is so full of pitfalls and subtleties, that many students fail to ...

Quantum Mechanics, Second edition

Quantum Mechanics, Second edition

2nd Edition

By Paul C.W. Davies, David S. Betts
June 30, 1994

Quantum mechanics is the key to modern physics and chemistry, yet it is notoriously difficult to understand. This book is designed to overcome that obstacle. Clear and concise, it provides an easily readable introduction intended for science undergraduates with no previous knowledge of quantum ...

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