1st Edition

Physics of Fluids in Microgravity

Edited By Rodolfo Monti Copyright 2001

    In a microgravity experiment, the conditions prevalent in fluid phases can be substantially different from those on the ground and can be exploited to improve different processes. Fluid physics research in microgravity is important for the advancement of all microgravity scients: life, material, and engineering.

    Space flight provides a unique laboratory that allows scientists to improve their understanding of the behaviour of fluids in low gravity, allowing the investigation of phenomena and processes normally masked by the effects of gravity and thus difficult to study on Earth.

    Physics of Fluids in Microgravity provides a clear view of recent research and progress in the different fields of fluid research in space. The topics presented include bubles and drops dynamics, Maragoni flows, diffustion and thermodiffusion, solidfication,a nd crystal growth. The results obtained so far are, in some cases, to be confirmed by extensive research activities on the International Space station, where basic and applied microgravity experimentation will take place in the years to come.

    Fluid Science Relevance in Microgravity Research
    Mechanical Behaviour of Liquid Bridges in Microgravity
    Interfacial Phenomena
    Thermal Marangoni Flows
    Interfacial Patterns and Waves
    Fluid Mechanics of Bubbles and Drops
    Diffusion and Thermodiffusion in Microgravity
    Critical and Supercritical Fields and Related Phenomena
    Microgravity Two Phase Flow and Heat Transfer
    Transient and Sloshing Motions in an Unsupported Container
    Pool Boiling and Bubble Dynamics in Microgravity
    Combustion Phenomena at Microgravity
    Fluid Flow and Solute Segregation in Crystal Growth from the Melt
    Fluid Flows and Macromolecular Crystal Growth in Microgravity
    Fluid Dynamics Experiment Sensitivity to Accelerations Prevailing on Microgravity Platforms
    Facilities for Microgravity Fluid Science Research Onboard
    Appendix A: ISs Assembly Sequence
    Appendix B: Flight Control Positions and Their Call Signs in the International Space Station.


    Rodolfo Monti is a Professor of the Department of Space Science and Engineering 'Luigi G. Napolitano', University of Naples Federico II. He is the President of the Microgravity Advanced Research and Support (MARS) Center, Editor-in-chief of the International journal Space Technology, Editor-in-chief of the proceedings of the IAF Congresses and Editor-in-chief of the journal Microgravity of Space Staion Utilization (MSSU)