1st Edition

Physics to a Degree

By E.G. Thomas, Derek Raine Copyright 2000
    228 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Physics to a Degree provides an extensive collection of problems suitable for self-study or tutorial and group work at the level of an undergraduate physics course. This novel set of exercises draws together the core elements of an undergraduate physics degree and provides students with the problem solving skills needed for general physics' examinations and for real-life situations encountered by the professional physicist. Topics include force, momentum, gravitation, Bernoulli's Theorem, magnetic fields, blackbody radiation, relativistic travel, mechanics near the speed of light, radioactive decay, quantum uncertainty, and much more.

    Energy and Power: Newtonian Games. Damage Limitation. The Power of Force. The Centre of Momentum Frame. About Turning. Rocket Science. Diluting Gravity. Gravity Bodies. Oscillations. Resonance. Antigravity. Orbits of the Sun. Accelerated. Artificial Gravity. Stress and Strain. Hot and Cold. Cooling the Chunnel. Heat Flow in Ice-Houses. Atmospheric Friction. Bernoulli's Theorem. Spontaneous Structure. Material Strength. Electric Shocks. Magnetic Fields. Model Circuits. Dispersion on the Line. Things to do with Mirrors. Blackbody Radiation. Relativistic Travel. Hyperbolic Motion. Mechanics Near c. A Relativistic Aberration. Lensing Gravity. The Anthropic Principle. Radiating Gravity. Radioactive Decay. Quantum Uncertainty. Nuclear Exposions. Degenerate Electron Gases. Part II, Answers to Tutorials. Part III, General Physics Problems: Power in Space. Perfect Rockets. Bubbles. Escape into Space. Not so Square. The Indian Rope Trick. Space Debris. Tennis Then and Now. Thermal Balance in Mammals. Dropping Like Lead. Survival on Venus. Cd's. Bouncing Bombs. Thunder and Lightening. The Ur-Star. Faster than Sound. The Laser Pen is Mightier. Focussing Neutrinos. A Natural Hazard. Boson Stars.


    E.G. Thomas, Derek Raine