1st Edition

Physiotherapy and the Elderly Patient

By Paul Wagstaff, Davis Coakley Copyright 1988

    Originally published in 1988, the purpose of this book was to introduce the student and practicing physiotherapist to the multi-faceted components of the care and treatment of elderly patients and to present a problem-orientated approach to physiotherapy, assessment and management. Care of the elderly demands a dynamic and responsible approach and it was hoped that this book would improve therapy skills. The authors’ principle aim was to describe appropriate physiotherapy practice together with the pathology and medicine of old age. There is also consideration of social and psychological issues and working with the elderly people in the community as well as in hospital.

    Preface.  1. Growing Old  2. General Principles  3. Physiotherapy Assessment  4. Neurological Disability  5. The Management of Stroke  6. Treatment of Musculo-skeletal Disorders  7. Cardiac and Peripheral Vascular Rehabilitation  8. Disorders of the Respiratory System  9. Skin and Pressure Sores  10. Psychiatry of Elderly Patients  11. Music, Leisure and Exercise  12. Medication and Physiotherapy  13. Care of the Dying  14. Hospital and Community Services  15. Aids, Equipment and Appliances.  Appendix I: Activities of Daily Living Charts.  Appendix II: Suggested Programme of Exercise and Dance.  Appendix III: Suggested Activities Class.  Index.


    Paul Wagstaff and Davis Coakley