1st Edition

Phyto-Oxylipins Metabolism, Physiological Roles, and Profiling Techniques

    316 Pages 21 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Oxylipins are an important class of signaling molecules in plants, which play an important role in plant defence and innate immunity. Oxylipins have critical roles in plant growth and plant responses to physical damage caused by herbivores, insects, and pathogenic microbes. Over the last decade, our understanding of oxylipin production, metabolism, and function, particularly jasmonates, has advanced considerably. Jasmonates have provided further mechanistic insights into enzyme function and signalling cascades. Other oxylipins, such as hydroxy fatty acids, have recently been shown to exhibit individual signaling features and crosstalk with other phytohormones.

    There is scant literature on plant oxylipins and their relevance to our understanding and therefore, understanding oxylipin production, metabolism, and function is pivotal. As a result, researchers, students, professors, and other book readers will have a thorough understanding of plant oxylipin biosynthesis, structure, and function, assisting in the improvement of plant science.

    Plant oxylipins: metabolism, physiological roles, and profiling techniques address the mechanism, metabolism, and roles of oxylipins in plant resistance to various biotic and abiotic stimuli in detail. This book covers fundamental ideas in oxylipin production, metabolism, structural biochemistry, and signaling pathways. It also discusses cutting-edge methodologies for oxylipin metabolic profiling, with an emphasis on computing applications. This book is an excellent resource for plant scientists, plant biochemists, biotechnologists, botanists, phytochemists, toxicologists, chemical ecologists, taxonomists, and other scholars in those subjects. The book is written by a global team of professionals.


    • Presents concrete and extensive information about a basic and applied aspect of plant oxylipins as well as expanded coverage of signaling mechanisms.
    • Highlights the fundamental concepts of the biosynthesis, metabolism, structural biochemistry, and signaling pathway of oxylipins.
    • Details the state-of-the-art methods and techniques in metabolic profiling of oxylipins in plants.
    • Presents insights on computational applications in the evaluation and study of oxylipins in plants.

    1. Plant oxylipins as plant secondary metabolite: Types and classifications
    2. Sheikh Mansoor, Sweeta Manhas, Aatifa Rasool, Navneet Kaur, Mudasir A Mir

    3. Oxylipins-mediated signalling
    4. Iqra Farooq, Pravin Kumar A, Sadaf Rafiq

    5. Transcriptional regulation of oxylipins signalling pathway
    6. Temidayo Oluyomi Elufisan, Omotayo Opemipo Oyedara, and Oluwabusayo Odunola Oluyide

      Key enzymes of oxylipins pathway

      Tamana Khan, Labiba Riyaz Shah, Sabba Khan, Shahjahan Rashid, Rizwan Rashid, Baseerat Afroza

    7. Plants oxylipins induction and regulation: Genetic insights
    8. Abdul Qadir Khan, Ali Muhammad, Khawaja Shafique Ahmad, Ansar Mehmood, Abdul Hamid, Fahim Nawaz, Nazir Suliman

    9. Roles of oxylipins in plant reproduction growth and development
    10. Babatunde Oluwafemi Adetuyi, Oluwakemi Semiloore Omowumi, Banke Ogundipe, Oluwatosin Adefunke Adetuyi, Kehinde Abraham Odelade, Olubanke Olujoke Ogunlana

    11. Role of oxylipins in biotic stress resistance
    12. Sadaf Rafiq, Tabinda Wani, Momin Showkat Bhat, Ifshan Malik, Iqra Farooq

    13. Role of Oxylipins in abiotic stress resistance
    14. Navneet Kour, Owais Ali Wani, Sweeta Manhas, Shilpa Raina, Hamayun Shabir, Sheikh Mansoor

    15. Roles of oxylipin biosynthesis genes in programmed cell death
    16. Abdul Mujib G. Yusuf, Kamoru A. Adedokun

    17. Roles of oxylipins in systemic resistance
    18. Tamana Khan, Labiba Riyaz Shah, Nawreen Mir, Gazala Gulzar, Bazilla Mushtaq, Rizwan Rashid, Baseerat Afroza

    19. Oxylipins in plant reproduction, fruit maturity and development
    20. Ikra Manzoor, Momin Showkat Bhat, Neha Sharma, Bismat un Nisa

    21. Oxylipins in moss development
    22. O.C.U. Adumanya

    23. Roles of oxylipins in leaf senescence
    24. Ikra Manzoor, Bismat un Nisa, Momin Showkat Bhat , Usma Jan,Yathish VC

    25. Cross-talk between oxylipins and other metabolites: Abscisic acid salicylic acid
    26. Mudasir A. Mir, Nadia Gul, Mohd Ashraf Bhat, Zaffar Bashir, Firdose A. Malik, Mehrun Nisa

    27. Oxylipins in plant protection/disease management
    28. Barbara Sawicka, Piotr Barbaś, Dominika Skiba, Piotr Pszczółkowski, Farhood Yeganehpoor

    29. Techniques in plants oxylipins profiling
    30. Qadrul Nisa, Nawreen Mir, Gazala Gulzar, Khair Ul Nisa, Najeebul Tarfeen

    31. Computational approach to plant oxylipins profiling: Databases and tools
    32. Ambreen Hamadani, Nazir A Ganai, Sheikh Mansoor

    33. Bioprospecting of Phyto-oxylipins and biotechnological interventions
    34. Barbara Sawicka, Piotr Barbaś, Farhood Yeaganehpoor, Dominika Skiba, Barbara Krochmal-Marczak

    35. Antimicrobial activities of oxylipins in plants

    Olugbemi T. Olaniyan, Peter Onyebuagu, Charles O. Adetunji


    Sheikh Mansoor Shafi, Chukwuebuka Egbuna, Charles Oluwaseun Adetunji