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Pickering Studies in PHIL of Religion

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Hegel, Love and Forgiveness Positive Recognition in German Idealism

Hegel, Love and Forgiveness: Positive Recognition in German Idealism

1st Edition

By Liz Disley
July 16, 2015

This study offers a new interpretation of Hegelian recognition focusing on positive ethical behaviours, such as love and forgiveness. Building on the work of Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre, Disley reassesses Hegel’s work on the subject/object dialectic and explores the previously neglected...

Ineffability and Religious Experience

Ineffability and Religious Experience

1st Edition

By Guy Bennett-Hunter
July 16, 2015

Ineffability – that which cannot be explained in words – lies at the heart of the Christian mystical tradition. This is the first book to engage with the concept of ineffability within contemporary philosophy of religion and provides a starting point for further scholarly debate....

Natural Theology in the Scientific Revolution God's Scientists

Natural Theology in the Scientific Revolution: God's Scientists

1st Edition

By Katherine Calloway
July 16, 2015

In the seventeenth century scientific discoveries called into question established Christian theology. It has been claimed that contemporary thinkers contributed to this conflict model by using the discoveries of the natural world to prove the existence of God. Calloway challenges this view by ...

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