1st Edition

Piers Plowman and Prophecy An Approach to the C-Text

By Theodore L. Steinberg Copyright 1991
    176 Pages
    by Routledge

    176 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Originally published in 1991, Piers Plowman: An Approach to the C-Text studies what might be called the "mindscape" of Piers Plowman. The book argues that the C-text poem is inspired by the writings of the biblical prophets. The book outlines the fourteenth-century background and discusses the idea of prophecy and how the biblical prophets were read, as well as the role of literary models such as Wyclif and Joachim of Fiore. By examining the specific aspects of the poem, the book shows imaginative connections between the poem and the prophets, offering a unique perspective that Langland’s prophetic stance is complementary to other approaches to the poem.


    Introduction, S.S. Hussey

    1 Some Aspects of the Process of Revision in Piers Plowman, G.H. Russell

    2. The Tearing of the Pardon, Rosemary Woolf

    3. Justice, Kingship and the Good Life in the Second Part of Piers Plowman, P.M. Kean

    4. Words, Works and Will: Theme and Structure in Piers Plowman, J.A. Burrow

    5. Conscience: The Frustration of Allegory, Priscilla Jenkins

    6. Piers and the Image of God in Man, Barbara Raw

    7. The Rôle of the Dreamer in Piers Plowman, David Mills

    8. Action and Contemplation in Piers Plowman, T.P. Dunning

    9. The Langland Country, R.W.V. Elliott

    10. Charity in Piers Plowman, W.O. Evans

    11. Satire in Piers Plowman, S.T. Knight

    12. Chaucer’s Contemporary, J.A.W. Bennett