1st Edition

Piety and Family in Early Modern Europe Essays in Honour of Steven Ozment

Edited By Benjamin J. Kaplan, Marc R. Forster Copyright 2005

    At first sight, the subjects of piety and family life may appear to have little in common. Yet, as the essays in this volume make clear, there are in fact a number of shared features and points of contact that make the study of these issues a particularly fertile area for scholars of the Reformation period. Whether it be the concept of an individual's relationship with God - so often articulated in familial terms, the place of domestic devotions, or the difficulties that faced families split by rival confessional beliefs and mixed marriages, this book demonstrates how piety and family life were interwoven in the social and theological landscape of early modern Europe. Inspired by the works of Steven Ozment, the volume is divided into two sections, each of which deals with a particular concern of his writings. The first four chapters address issues of Reformation theology and the medieval heritage, whilst the remaining seven examine the spiritual life of families. Together they underline how modern scholarship by broadening its conceptual outlook and bringing together seemingly unrelated subjects, can provide a more sophisticated understanding of the past.

    Contents: Introduction. Part I Reformation Theology and The Medieval Heritage: Tauler the Mystic's Lutheran admirers, Eric Lund; Luther, spiritualism and the spirit, R. Emmet McLaughlin; Anxious penitents and the appeal of the Reformation: Ozment and the historiography of confession, Ronald K. Rittgers; 'Bite this, Satan!' the devil in Luther's Table Talk, Carlos M.N. Eire. Part II The Spiritual Life of Families: Domestic devotions and family piety in German Catholicism, Marc R. Forster; 'For they will turn away thy sons': the practice and perils of mixed marriage in the Dutch Golden Age, Benjamin J. Kaplan; The household divided against itself: Anabaptists and their families in Tyrol, 1536-60, D. Jonathan Grieser; Negotiating conversions: catechumens and the family in Early Modern Italy, Lance Gabriel Lazar; Holy Mothers: the history of a designation of spiritual status, Laura A. Smoller; Sorrow and worship in Calvin's Geneva: their place in family history, David Keck; Seduction and the law: a Jewish scandal before the Imperial Chamber Court, R. Po-chia Hsia; Index.


    Marc R. Forster is Professor of History at Connecticut College, USA. Benjamin J. Kaplan is Professor of Dutch History at University College London, UK.

    'This is another excellent volume of essays in the series St Andrews Studies in Reformation History that we've come to expect from Ashgate... This is a collection of essays that is worth reading and examining. They are first rate historical studies that emulate the best of their mentor's application into the ordinary lives of their subjects... Altogether, an excellent volume that should be read by anyone interested in the Early Modern period in Europe.' Colloquium 'Unusually coherent and consistent in quality for a festschrift, Piety and Family in Early Modern Europe is at the same time testimony to the depth and diversity of Stephen Ozment's legacy... Drawing on a wide range of sources and exploring many different European contexts, the essays brought together in this volume comprise a fitting tribute to a historian who has played a significant role in shaping the character and course of Reformation and early modern studies.' Church History 'It is a rare anthology about which one can state that each essay is strong and engaging...' Ecclesiastical History ’All in all, the volume provides a good insight into some current issues in Luther studies and early modern social history, and is a fitting testimony to Steven Ozment's contributions to our discipline.’ Sixteenth Century Journal