1st Edition

Piety and the People Religious Printing in French, 1511–1551

By Francis M. Higman Copyright 1996

    Did the 16th-century Reformation influence French language and culture? This book, the fullest available bibliography of religious printing in French during the early Reformation, provides the materials to answer this question. It assembles information on all known printed editions in French on religious subjects during the crucial period 1511-51 (up to the Edict of Chateaubriant), giving full bibliographical details, library locations and references in secondary literature. An alphabetical list is complemented by a chronological list, and by an analysis of editions by printers and publishers. The work provides the fullest checklist available of works and editions produced from all parts of the religious spectrum, both Roman Catholic and Protestant. It reveals who were the most active and influential writers, which were the most popular texts, and which were the most active printing centres in the field of religious printing in French. The chronological survey shows the immense growth in publications triggered by the Reformation movement, and reveals the radical change in religious sensibility during the period, from contemplative meditation to polemical debate.

    Contents: Introduction; List of works consulted; Alphabetical list; Finding list of anonymous titles; Chronological list; List of printers by city; Printers: Alphabetical; Index of proper names.


    Francis M. Higman

    'for anyone interested in printing, literature, and religion and their effect upon French society and culture, this volume is an essential and indispensable source' Journal of Early Modern History 'Everyone who wants to study the history, thought and literature of the early French Reformation will find here a valuable and also very tasteful published source of information.' Proceedings of the Huguenot Society 'The specific lists mean that the researcher can proceed efficiently and easily whether looking for an individual author, a printer, or the production of a specific book in a particular year... The book provides a comprehensive view of what was available to French readers as they faced new religious choices... Higman’s alphabetical catalogue of books should become a model for other bibliographies...Some bibliographies can be read like a book. This is one of them.' Sixteenth Century Journal 'The fruit of a long and detailed collection, this work will be of great use to all those who, for one reason or another, are interested in sixteenth century religious literature. We can unreservedly be grateful to the author for passing on the results of such a persevering research and for giving us this beautiful work instrument.' Translated from Revue de l'Histoire des Religions