1st Edition

Pilgrim in the Modern World

By L. J. Baggott Copyright 1963

    First Published in 1963, the book Pilgrim in the Modern World tries to answer fundamental questions like does the Christian faith meet intellectual, moral, and spiritual needs of the contemporary situation or it is like the irreducible surd in a mathematical problem- present as a fact but to be ignored in use? L. J. Baggott has had a long experience in the ministry of the Church of England, from work in the slums to that of Abbey, Minster, and Cathedral; from a chaplaincy of the Tower of London to the vicariate of large industrial parishes; from a visiting lectureship to the parochial tasks peculiar to four great seaports; from the supervision of Ordinands to the archdeaconship of a hundred peaceful Norfolk villages.

    Throughout it has become increasingly clear that man is indeed the ‘Eternal Pilgrim of the Infinite’. Christianity is an historical religion of which ‘redemption of man’ is the central and ruling thought. For twentieth century man, his pilgrimage is set in most challenging era that man has ever known, a scientific era and a temporal order in which his most important problems take their rise and shape his life. In the light of new knowledge and discovery, the book offers what the author believes the only valid and satisfying answer to the question of relevancy of the Christian faith for modern times. This is a must read for scholars of religion and Christianity.

      1. The Pilgrim in a Scientific World 2. The Pilgrim in a Temporal World 3. The Pilgrim and his Progress 4. The Pilgrim and his Personal Life 5. The Pilgrim and his Final Quest


      L. J. Baggott