1st Edition

Pine Forests Utilization of its Products

Edited By V N Vorobev Copyright 2006

    This monograph studies for the first time the biological principles of the comprehensive utilization of pine forests. In the context of the immense usefulness of the raw material they provide ? timber, nuts, and resin ? the morpho-physiological, ontogenetic, ecological-geographic, intra- and interpopulation relations between growth, generative, and resin-forming processes in Siberian stone pine have been demonstrated under standard conditions and under conditions of experimental modification of root-leaf proportions. Using a complex evaluation of appropriate indexes of productivity, practical recommendations have been offered for a differentiated combination of elements and types of complex. Suggestions have been examined for the selective breeding of trees and plantations on the basis of economic indexes ? growth, yield, and resin output ? as well as aspects of yield control. This book is designed for the use of scientific workers in the field of forest science and specialists in forestry. Tables 96, fig. 63

    Ecological Conditions of the Growth of Siberian Stone Pine
    Fruiting and Growth of Siberian Stone Pine
    Fruiting and Resin Productivity of Siberian Stone Pine
    Fruiting, Growth, and Resin Productivity of Siberian Stone Pine on Experimentally Modifying Root-Leaf Proportions
    Comprehensive Utilization of Siberian Stone Pine


    V N Vorobev