1st Edition

Pink Tides, Right Turns in Latin America

Edited By Charmain Levy, Manuel Larrabure Copyright 2025
    146 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book presents case studies around issues of national development, right wing populism and use of social media, left wing authoritarianism and popular uprisings as well as reflections on short and long term political and economic cycles in Latin America in the past 10 years.

    Scholars, government and civil society practitioners have long recognized both the democratic and development deficit in Latin American countries, as well as their potential. The path towards a consolidated democratic state and civil society, as well as socio-economic collective well-being, has been far from linear and this edited collection provides theoretical clarity on the social, political and economic dynamics driving these changes such as historical cycles in the commodities market, the emergence of new social movements, the rise and pitfalls of populism, the influence of corporate media, and the erosion of democratic institutions. The chapters in this volume approach the topic of Latin American right and Left forces by attempting to determine whether a new and potentially long-term political cycle is unfolding in the region. To this end, the chapters focus on a perspective that compares the emergence of the new Right with the successes and limitations of the previous 20 years of Pink Tide governance.

    This volume will be of great use to students and researchers interested in Latin American studies, comparative politics as well as political leadership. The chapters in this book were originally published as a special issue of Globalizations.

    Introduction: Pink Tides, Right Turns in Latin America

    Charmain Levy and Manuel Larrabure


    1. Broadened embedded autonomy and Latin America’s Pink Tide: towards the neo-developmental state

    Patrick Clark and Antulio Rosales


    2. What are they doing right? Tweeting right-wing intersectionality in Latin America

    Paulo Ravecca, Marcela Schenck, Bruno Fonseca and Diego Forteza


    3. Is Jair Bolsonaro a classic populist?

    João Feres Júnior, Fernanda Cavassana and Juliana Gagliardi



    4. Neo-structuralist bargain and authoritarianism in Nicaragua

    Miguel González


    5. The gendered political economy of Chile’s rebellious discontent: lessons from forty-five years of neoliberal governance

    Verónica Schild


    6. Roundtable: the Latin American state, Pink Tide, and future challenges

    Manuel Larrabure, Charmain Levy, Maxwell A. Cameron, Joe Foweraker, Lena Lavinas and Susan Jane Spronk


    Charmain Levy is Full Professor at the Université de Outaouais (UQO) in the Department of Social Sciences. She specialises in Latin America, particularly Brazil; social movements; feminist, urban and development studies. Her current research projects focus on feminist urban commons in Montevideo and urban feminist politics and initiatives in Latin America.


    Manuel Larrabure is Assistant Professor in the Department of International Relations at Bucknell University. His current research, combining theoretical and methodological insights from political economy, social movement studies and critical pedagogy, focuses on the crisis of the “pink tide”, and the rise of the new right in Latin America.