1st Edition

Plan for Reconstruction

By W.H. Hutt Copyright 1943
    336 Pages
    by Routledge

    340 Pages
    by Routledge

    First Published in 1998. This volume consists of a project for victory in war and peace, and in the broadest terms, the institutional requirements for the most efficient pursuit of a long total war; and secondly to describe in detail a way of tackling the immense task of turning from war to peace. British problems, my remarks are directly relevant to the war and post-war problems which will confront the United States. With chapters that look at the problem conduct of war itself, the author’s reconstruction plan, whose scope is limited to the institutional pattern of a post-war economic order: the aim is the working out of a framework of laws and administrative methods which will permit rapid physical recovery from war damage and serve at the same time as the basis for a more efficient and just economic system.

    Part 1 The Plan Itself; Part 2 The Plan Explained; Chapter 1 Restrained Productivity; Chapter 2 The Restrictionist Mentality; Chapter 3 State Planning for War, and its Obstacles; Chapter 4 Entrepreneurship, Concentration and the Distributive Problem; Chapter 5 Lessons for Peace; Chapter 6 The Ideal of Equality; Chapter 7 Distributive Justice.; Chapter 8 Labour Security; Chapter 9 Professional Security; Chapter 10 Capital Security; Chapter 11 The Institution of Property; Chapter 12 The Resources Utilisation Commission; Chapter 13 State Ownership; Chapter 14 Co-Ordination and State Planning; Chapter 15 Collusion and Price Discrimination; Chapter 16 Cost of the Plan; Chapter 17 Conclusion;


    W.H. Hutt