Planet Savers : 301 Extraordinary Environmentalists book cover
1st Edition

Planet Savers
301 Extraordinary Environmentalists

ISBN 9781906093006
Published December 8, 2007 by Routledge
230 Pages

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Book Description

Protecting the planet is everyone's work. But we all have our own heroes in whatever area we are working. Planet Savers brings together the varied stories of the hundreds of movers and shakers that have spoken up throughout history and taken action to defend the world from pollution, deforestation, species loss and climate change. 

From Theodore Roosevelt to Al Gore; from Francis of Assisi to David Attenborough – and from hundreds more men and women that you will know little, if anything, about. Scientists, artists, business people, priests, lawyers, poets, politicians, activists and more, from every continent of the world. Their work has enthused us about the natural world and warned us that we must do much more to preserve it. The Indian woman who became the world's first environmental martyr; the Baptist Reverend who asked "What Would Jesus Drive?"; the Quaker big game hunter who set up the first conservation organisation; the Shakespearian actor who revolutionised organic gardening; and the housewife whose campaign against toxic waste forced a President to act. 

The book is a cornucopia of people who from time immemorial have put their careers, reputations and lives on the line to protect our planet from its governing inhabitants – the human race. Today, as thousands of species of animals and plants are faced with extinction, thousands of years of indigenous knowledge is lost in the face of technological advance, and we become more and more aware of the potential doomsday scenario of a warming world, we need Planet Savers more than ever. 

Our inspiration can be the 301 environmental lives portrayed in this book. These people cared enough to do something about it. Planet Savers is both a tribute and a catalyst: a tribute to the people that loved the planet enough to want to act to save it, and a catalyst for the people who will be inspired to act after reading it. New Planet Savers are at work right now in rainforests and megacities; in community centres and boardrooms; at road protests and in courtrooms, all over the world. If this book has one great aim it is to inspire you, the reader, to join them.  It is a book that every home should own.

Table of Contents

Foreword Professor Sir Ghillean Prance FRS, VMH  Introduction Acknowledgements  The Planet Savers View a list of the 301 Planet Savers featured in this book  Index of Planet Savers Index of organisations Photo credits About the author

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Planet Savers presents an unusual "Who"s Who" in the environmental world, profiling 301 people, famous and not so famous. Crediting each featured individual with reference to their contribution to saving our planet from "its governing inhabitants – the human race". From St Francis of Assisi and Franklin Roosevelt to, in more recent times, Pierce Brosnan and Ken Livingstone, this book examines the small (and sometimes not so small) way in which each of these people have used everything in their power (from leadership and fame to the right to free speech and experience) to fight for the good of the planet. Whether you know these people or even whether you agree with their methods, this compilation of environmentalists is an interesting and eye-opening glance at environmental commitment through the centuries. - The Environmentalist Issue 68 (17 Nov 2008)