1st Edition

Planning For Drought Toward A Reduction Of Societal Vulnerability

    597 Pages
    by Routledge

    614 Pages
    by Routledge

    Droughts and their management are a serious challenge to water resource professionals. While droughts predominate in arid regions, their frequency and severity in more temperate regions with more abundant rainfall have been on the rise. Drought Management and Planning for Water Resources provides an essential collection of planning and management t

    Foreword -- Preface -- Background -- Drought and Desiccation: Twin Hazards of a Variable Climate -- Understanding the Drought Phenomenon: The Role of Definitions -- Prediction -- Global Prospects for the Prediction of Drought: A Meteorological Perspective -- The Droughts of Northeast Brazil and Their Prediction -- Prospects for Drought Prediction in Australia and Indonesia -- Forecasting Drought Probabilistically -- Drought Prediction: A Hydrological Perspective -- Monitoring and Early Warning -- Surface Weather Monitoring and the Development of Drought and Other Climate Information Delivery Systems -- Agroclimatic Monitoring During the Growing Season in Semiarid Regions of Africa -- Monitoring Drought in Australia -- Satellite Remote Sensing of Drought Conditions -- An Operational Early Warning Agricultural Weather System -- Impact Assessment -- Climate Impact Assessment: A Review of Some Approaches -- Assessing Drought Impacts and Adjustments in Agriculture and Water Resource Systems -- Climate Impact Assessment in Central and Eastern Kenya: Notes on Methodology -- International Drought Early Warning Program of NOAA/NESDIS/AISC -- Food Shortages Assessment and Prediction: Methods of the Early Warning System of Ethiopia -- Would Better Information from an Early Warning System Improve African Food Security? -- Special Papers -- Drought and Economic Development in Sub-Saharan Africa -- Drought and Climate Change: For Better or Worse? -- Adaptation and Adjustment -- Adaptation and Adjustments in Drought-Prone Areas: Research Directions -- Adaptation and Adjustments in Drought-Prone Areas: an Overview—South Australian Study -- Technological and Sociopolitical Adaptation and Adjustment to Drought: The Indian Experience -- Perceptions of Drought in the Ogallala Aquifer Region of the Western U.S. Great Plains -- Planning and Response by Government -- The Role of Government in Planning for Drought: Where Do We Go from Here? -- Drought Planning and Response: Botswana Experience -- Drought Management in India: Steps Toward Eliminating Famines -- Drought in Northeast Brazil: Impact and Government Response -- Interaction between Scientist and Layman in the Perception and Assessment of Drought: South Africa -- The Role of Donor Organizations in Responding to Drought and Famine -- Drought and Agricultural Development -- The Role of the Media in Identifying and Publicizing Drought -- Drought Crisis Management: The Case of Ethiopia -- Summary Address -- The Symposium in Perspective: Summary Address -- Workshop Summary -- Introduction -- Task Group Reports -- Drought Research Priorities -- Drought Policy: Toward a Plan of Action -- Workshop Participants -- Workshop Position Statement


    Joaquin Andreu Alvarez, Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Spain.