1st Edition

Planning for Population Change

Edited By W. T. S. Gould, R. Lawton Copyright 1986

    Originally published in 1986, this book explores many important aspects of the relationship between population change and planning, exploring the impact of population change on service provision and its impact on the policy-making process. In all countries, whether their population is expanding. ageing or stagnating, population mobility is an important cause of economic and social development. This book argues that there is a need for greater sensitivity about population change in policy-making and service provision and suggests ways of achieving this.

    1. Planning for People Richard Lawton 2. Labour Force and Employment in Western Europe John Salt 3. Labour Force and Job Creation in the Third World W. T. S. Gould 4. Demographic Change and Social Provision in Western Europe Paul L. Knox 5. Service Provision in the Third World: A Demand-Based Perspective W. T. S. Gould 6. Planning for Health Care Provision in Britain: The Local Dimension John Whitelegg 7. Health Policies and Population in the Third World Maggie Pearson 8. Education Provision and Demographic Change in England and Wales Eric Briault 9. Population Analysis for the Planning of Primary Schools in the Third World W. T. S. Gould Conclusion.


    Lincoln H. Day

    ‘The book is stimulating and provides an abundance of information about population planning and policy…’ DeWitt Davis Jr. Annals of the Association of American Geographers, Volume 77, Issue 3.