5th Edition

Planning in the USA Policies, Issues, and Processes

    774 Pages 82 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    774 Pages 82 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Extensively revised and updated, Planning in the USA, fifth edition, continues to provide a comprehensive introduction to the policies, theory, and practice of planning.

    Outlining land use, urban planning, and environmental protection policies, this fully illustrated book explains the nature of the planning process and the way in which policy issues are identified, defined, and approached. The new edition incorporates new planning legislation and regulations at the state and federal layers of government and examples of local ordinances in a variety of planning areas. New material includes discussions of

    • education and equity in planning
    • the City Beautiful Movement
    • Daniel Burnham’s plan for Chicago
    • segregation
    • Knick v. Township of Scott
    • reforming single-family zoning and regulatory challenges in zoning and land use
    • Daniel Parolek’s ‘Missing Middle Housing’
    • climate change, mitigation, adaptation, and resiliency
    • the drinking water crisis in Flint, Michigan
    • sharing programs for cars, bicycles, and scooters
    • hybrid electric and autonomous vehicles
    • Vision Zero
    • COVID-19 relief for housing
    • Innovation Districts, Promise Zones, and Opportunity Zones
    • the sharing, gig, and creative economies
    • scenic views and vistas, monuments, statues, and remembering the past; and
    • healthy cities, Health Impact Assessment, and active living

    This detailed account of urbanization in the United States reveals the problematic nature and limitations of the planning process, the fallibility of experts, and the difficulties facing policy-makers in their search for solutions. Planning in the USA, fifth edition, is an essential book for students of urban planning, urban politics, environmental geography, and environment politics. It will be a valuable resource for planners and all who are concerned with the nature of contemporary urban and environmental problems.



    1 The nature of planning

    2 Urbanization

    3 History of governing and planning urban areas


    4 The Comprehensive Plan

    5 The evolving institutional and legal framework of planning and zoning

    6 The techniques of zoning and subdivision regulations

    7 City financing and planning for development


    8 Growth management and local government

    9 Growth management and the states


    10 Environmental policy and planning

    11 The limits of environmental policy

    12 Planning for sustainability, climate change, and resiliency


    13 Transportation

    14 Housing

    15 Community and economic development

    16 Urban design and aesthetics

    17 Heritage and historic preservation

    18 Planning for livable cities

    19 Technology and smart cities


    20 Some final questions



    Roger W. Caves is Professor Emeritus of City Planning at the School of Public Affairs, San Diego State University.

    J. Barry Cullingworth was Emeritus Professor of Urban Affairs and Public Policy at the University of Delaware and held posts at the Universities of Manchester, Durham, Glasgow, Birmingham, Toronto, and Cambridge.

    "Substantive updates and a tradition of clear, sensible writing remain a hallmark of Planning in the USA. A particular strength of each new edition, including this one, is the timely, pertinent commentary on recent and consequential legal decisions and legislation. The insights provided by these discussions are of value to students and instructors alike."

    George Pomeroy, Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania, USA.

      "I’m delighted with this update of my ‘go to’ reference for American planning. Its expansion into new topics brings cutting edge issues alongside perennial topics for the student of planning. Prepared to challenge the planning profession and politicians, this new edition continues Caves and Cullingworth’s tradition of critical insights into planning in the USA."

      Richard Dunning, University of Liverpool, UK.

      "The 5th edition of Planning in the USA is updated in ways that make it useful and appealing for use in introductory and even some intermediate-level planning courses. Like its predecessors, the book succeeds in providing students with overviews of important planning history and topics, while simultaneously delivering technical details on complex topics such as climate change planning, municipal finance, and segregation. This newest edition’s inclusion of recent legal cases, discussions of COVID-19 housing, the gig economy, federal policy, and planning careers will not only expand and curiosity of current planning students but also help others discover how their interests can be pursued through the study of and a career in the field of planning."

      Harley F. Etienne, Associate Professor of City and Regional Planning, Knowlton School, The Ohio State University, USA.