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    More than a tenth of the land mass of the UK comprises 'urban fringe': the countryside around towns that has been called 'planning's last frontier'. One of the key challenges facing spatial planners is the land-use management of this area, regarded by many as fit only for locating sewage works, essential service functions and other un-neighbourly uses. However, to others it is a dynamic area where a range of urban and rural uses collide.

    Planning on the Edge fills an important gap in the literature, examining in detail the challenges that planning faces in this no-man’s land. It presents both problems and solutions, and builds a vision for the urban fringe that is concerned with maximising its potential and with bridging the physical and cultural rift between town and country. Its findings are presented in three sections:

    • the urban fringe and the principles underpinning its management
    • sectoral challenges faced at the urban fringe (including commerce, energy, recreation, farming, and housing)
    • managing the urban fringe more effectively in the future.

    Students, professionals and researchers alike will benefit from the book's structured approach, while the global and transferable nature of the principles and ideas underpinning the study will appeal to an international audience.

    Preface  List of Figures  Glossary of Acronyms  Part 1: The Rural-Urban Fringe  1. Introduction  2. The Making of the Rural-Urban Fringe  Part 2: Multiple Fringes  3. A Historic Fringe  4. An Aesthetic Fringe  5. An Economic Fringe  6. A Socio-Cultural Fringe  7. An Ecological Fringe  Part 3: Planning the Edge  8. Land-Use Planning and Containment  9. Planning Reform and the Spatial Agenda  10. Conclusions  Bibliography  Index


    Gallent, Nick; Andersson, Johan; Bianconi, Marco

    'The authors argue for a "made-in-the-fringe" approach to land use planning; in other words, land use policies that are informed by the fringe's unique social, environmental and economic characteristics ... This provocative and interesting thesis is carefully amd convincingly laid out in a concise and superbly written book.'Planning Practice and Research


    'The authors expertly weave together ... a coherent and lively discussion of fringe planning and development.' Planning Practice and Research


    'This is an excellent book and a must read for practising planners and students.'Planning Practice and Research