1st Edition

Plant Biotechnology in Ornamental Horticulture

By Yi Li, Yan Pei Copyright 2006
    540 Pages
    by CRC Press

    538 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Find out how biotechnology can produce more nutritious fruits and vegetables, more colorful flowers, and grass that needs less water—and mowing!

    Plant Biotechnology in Ornamental Horticulture presents an in-depth overview of the key scientific and technical advances, issues, and challenges in one of the fastest growing segments of the agriculture industry. This comprehensive book covers 19 different topics related to the use of transgenic plant technology to improve ornamental plants, ranging from metabolic engineering of flower color and scent to improving cold, drought, and disease tolerance in horticultural and ornamental crops to the economics of horticultural biotechnology.

    Horticulture provides color and flavor to the foods we eat and variety to the products we use, and helps us sustain a healthy environment. Plant Biotechnology in Ornamental Horticulture examines the importance of biotechnology in cultivating garden crops-including fruits, vegetables, flowers, and ornamentals such as plants used for landscaping-by reducing pesticide use, reducing soil erosion, and developing plants with improved nutrition. Leading educators and horticultural professionals address important current and future topics, including micropropagation and regeneration, the use of molecular techniques for genetic improvement, molecular-assisted breeding, abiotic stress, the development of disease resistance, protection from insects, herbicide tolerance, controlled flowering, modifying color and fragrance, plant architecture, and senescence.

    Plant Biotechnology in Ornamental Horticulture examines:
    * ornamental plant transformation
    * molecular phylogeny
    * drought response and drought tolerance engineering
    * transgenic approaches to viral, bacterial, and fungal disease resistance
    * vegetable propagation by cuttings
    * the promotion of flowering
    * molecular aspects of leaf morphogenesis
    * transgenic manipulation
    * controlling invasive plants
    * plant hormones, including ethylene, gibberellins (GAs), auxin, cytokinin, and abscisic acid (ABA)
    * and much morePlant Biotechnology in Ornamental Horticulture is essential reading for plant breeders, physiologists, agronomists, molecular biologists, cropping system specialists, as well as for educators and students involved in horticulture.

    • Preface
    • Importance of Biotechnology to the Horticultural Plant Industry (Robert W. Harriman, Jyothi Prakash Bolar, and Franzine D. Smith)
    • Ornamental Plant Transformation (Mark H. Brand)
    • Molecular Phylogeny-Assisted Breeding of Ornamentals (Takashi Handa, Koichi Kita, Pheravut Wongsawad, Yuji Kurashige, and Tomohisa Yukawa)
    • Improvement of Cold Tolerance in Horticultural Crops by Genetic Engineering (Eung-Jun Park and Tony H. H. Chen)
    • Engineering for Drought Tolerance in Horticultural and Ornamental Plants: Lessons from the Studies with Model Plants (Qingxi J. Shen and Jian Wang)
    • Transgenic Approaches to Disease Resistance in Ornamental Crops (John Hammond, Hei-Ti Hsu, Qi Huang, Ramon Jordan, Kathryn Kamo, and Margaret Pooler)
    • Genetic Engineering Approach to Enhance Adventitious Root Formation of Hardwood Cuttings (Zong-Ming Cheng, Wenhao Dai, Michael J. Bosela, and Lori D. Osburn)
    • Flowering (Annalisa Giovannini)
    • Plant Shape: Molecular Aspects of Leaf Morphogenesis (Gyung-Tae Kim)
    • Improvement of Horticultural and Ornamental Crops Through Transgenic Manipulation of the Phytochrome Family of Plant Photoreceptors (Keara A. Franklin and Garry C. Whitelam)
    • Problems and Challenges of Invasive Ornamental Plants and Molecular Tools to Control Their Spread (Yi Li, Zongming Cheng, William Smith, Donna Ellis, Yongqin Chen, Litang Lu, Richard J. McAvoy, Yan Pei, Wei Deng, Chandra Thammina, Xuelian Zheng, Hui Duan, Keming Luo, and Degang Zhao)
    • Metabolic Engineering of Flower Color in Ornamental Plants: A Novel Route to a More Colorful World (Carlo Rosati and Philippe. Simoneau)
    • Metabolic Engineering of Floral Scent of Ornamentals (Natalia Dudareva and Eran Pichersky)
    • Auxin, Cytokinin and Abscisic Acid: Biosynthetic and Catabolic Genes and Their Potential Applications in Ornamental Crops (Hui Duan, Yi Li. Yan Pei, Wei Deng, Ming Luo, Yuhua Xiao, Keming Luo, Litang Lu, William Smith, Richard J. McAvoy, Degang Zhao, Xuelian Zheng, and Chandra Thammina)
    • Molecular Biology of the Metabolism and Signal Transduction of Gibberellins, and Possible Applications to Crop Improvement (Masanobu Mino, Mariko Oka, Yasushi Tasaka, and Masaki Iwabuchi)
    • Ethylene: Current Status and Future Directions of Using Transgenic Techniques to Improve Flower Longevity of Ornamental Crops (Kenichi Shibuya and David G. Clark)
    • The Economics of Horticultural Biotechnology (Julian M. Alston, Kent J. Bradford, and Nicholas Kalaitzandonakes)
    • Challenges to Commercial Use of Transgenic Plants (Richard Meilan)
    • Risk, Trust, and Consumer Acceptance of Plant Biotechnology: Implications for Genetically Modified Ornamental Plants (W. E. Klingeman and C. R. Hall)
    • Index
    • Reference Notes Included


    Yan Pei, Yi Li