4th Edition

Plant Roots The Hidden Half, Fourth Edition

Edited By Tom Beeckman, Amram Eshel Copyright 2013
    810 Pages 246 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    The decade since the publication of the third edition of this volume has been an era of great progress in biology in general and the plant sciences in particular. This is especially true with the advancements brought on by the sequencing of whole genomes of model organisms and the development of "omics" techniques. This fourth edition of Plant Roots: The Hidden Half reflects these developments that have transformed not only the field of biology, but also the many facets of root science.

    Highlights of this new edition include:

    • The basics of root research and their evolution and role in the global context of soil development and atmosphere composition
    • New understandings about roots gained in the post-genomic era, for example, how the development of roots became possible, and the genetic basis required for this to occur
    • The mechanisms that determine root structure, with chapters on cellular patterning, lateral root and vascular development, the molecular basis of adventitious roots, and other topics
    • Plant hormone action and signaling pathways that control root development, including new chapters on strigolactones and brassinosteroids
    • Soil resource acquisition from agricultural and ecological perspectives
    • Root response to stress, with chapters that address the impact of the genomic revolution on this topic
    • Root-rhizosphere interactions, from beneficial microorganisms to detrimental nematodes
    • Modern research techniques for the field and the lab

    Each chapter not only presents a clear summation of the topic under discussion, but also includes a vision of what is to be expected in the years to come. The wide coverage of themes in this volume continues the tradition that makes this work recognized as a fundamental source of information for root scientists at all levels.

    The Evolution and Genomics of Roots
    The Origin of Roots; Paul Kenrick
    Root; Jaimie M. Van Norman, Louisa M. Liberman, and Philip N. Benfey
    Root Structure
    Cellular Patterning of the Root Meristem; Kimberly L. Gallagher
    Cellular Patterning in the Root Epidermis; Yana M. Wieckowski and John Schiefelbein
    Structure and Function of Three Suberized Cell Layers; Chris J. Meyer and Carol A. Peterson
    Lateral Root Development; Leentje Jansen, Marlies Demeulenaere, and Tom Beeckman
    Vascular Development in Arabidopsis Roots; Anthony Bishopp, Sedeer El-Showk, and Ykä Helariutta
    Secondary Growth of Tree Roots; Nigel Chaffey
    Rice : A Model Plant to Decipher the Hidden Origin of Adventitious Roots; Yoan Coudert, Van Anh Le Thi, and Pascal Gantet
    Genetic Analysis of Maize Root Development; Frank Hochholdinger and Guenter Feix
    Molecular Mechanisms Involved in Adventitious Root Formation; Joseph Riov, David Szwerdszarf, Mohamad Abu-Abied, and Einat Sadot
    Regulation of Root Growth
    Auxin Signaling in Primary Roots; Catherine Perrot-Rechenmann
    Role of Gibberellins in Root Growth; Eiichi Tanimoto and Ko Hirano
    Molecular Basis of Cytokinin Action during Root Development; Serena Perilli, Laila Moubayidin, and Sabrina Sabatini
    Ethylene Regulates Root Growth and Development; Daniel R. Lewis and Gloria K. Muday
    Abscisic Acid in Root Growth and Development; Ive De Smet and Hanma Zhang
    Brassinosteroid Signaling in Root Development; Josep Vilarrasa-Blasi, Mary-Paz González-García, and Ana I. Caño-Delgado
    Role of Strigolactones in Root Development and Communication; Hinanit Koltai
    Root Gravitropism; Ranjan Swarup, Darren M. Wells, and Malcolm J. Bennett
    Calcium: From Root Macronutrient to Mechanical Signal; Sarah Swanson and Simon Gilroy
    Soil Resource Acquisition
    Root-Based Solutions to Increasing Crop Productivity; Michelle Watt, Anton P. Wasson, and Vincent Chochois
    Root Architecture and Resource Acquisition; Ahmad M. Manschadi, Günther G.B. Manske, and Paul L.G. Vlek
    Root pH Regulation; Jóska Gerendás and R. George Ratcliffe
    Root Water Uptake and Water Flow in the Soil–Root Domain; Guillaume Lobet, Charles Hachez, François Chaumont, Mathieu Javaux, and Xavier Draye
    Inorganic Nitrogen Acquisition and Signaling; Alain Gojon
    Nutrient Uptake and Root System Architecture Modeling; Moshe Silberbush, Amram Eshel, and Jonathan P. Lynch
    Global Change and Root Lifespan; David M. Eissenstat, M. Luke McCormack, and Quanying Du
    Developmental Adaptations in Roots of Desert Plants with Special Emphasis on Cacti; Joseph G. Dubrovsky and Svetlana Shishkova
    Root Systems of Woody Plants; Frédéric Danjon, Alexia Stokes, and Mark R. Bakker
    Roots as a Source of Food; Daniel F. Austin and Robert Jarret
    Root Response to Stress
    Temperature Effects on Root Growth; Marc Faget, Stephan Blossfeld, Siegfried Jahnke, Gregor Huber, Ulrich Schurr, and Kerstin A. Nagel
    Flooding Tolerance Mechanisms in Roots; Kurt V. Fagerstedt, Olga B. Blokhina, Chiara Pucciariello, and Pierdomenico Perata
    Plant Roots under Aluminum Stress; Hideaki Matsumoto and Yoko Yamamoto
    Root Responses to Trace Metallic Elements; Nathalie Verbruggen and Christian Hermans
    Maintaining Root Growth in Drying Soil; Eric S. Ober and Robert E. Sharp
    Effects of Salinity on Root Growth; Nirit Bernstein
    Soil Mechanical Resistance and Root Growth and Function; W. Richard Whalley and A. Glyn Bengough
    Root–Rhizosphere Interactions
    Fungal Root Endophytes; Thomas N. Sieber and Christoph R. Grünig
    Molecular Physiology of Tree Ectomycorrhizal Interactions; Mohammad Tanbir Habib, Till Heller, and Andrea Polle
    Mycorrhizae—Rhizosphere Determinants of Plant Communities; Ingrid Kottke amd Gábor M. Kovács
    Response of Soybean Roots to Soybean Cyst Nematode at the Molecular Levell; Benjamin F. Matthews, Heba M.M. Ibrahim, Parsa Hosseini, Nadim Alkharouf, and Savithiry Natarajan
    Modern Research Techniques
    Minirhizotron Techniques; Boris Rewald and Jhonathan E. Ephrath
    Noninvasive Tools for Measuring Metabolism and Biophysical Analyte Transport at the Root–Rhizosphere Interface; Eric S. McLamore and D. Marshall Porterfield


    Amram Eshel was born and raised in Israel. He received his degrees from Tel Aviv University, where he was a member of the academic staff from 1980 until his retirement in 2012. During this time, he held short visiting appointments at Ohio Agricultural Research Center in Wooster, Ohio; Michigan State University; The Pennsylvania State University; CNRS at Gif-Sur-Yvette; and University of Western Australia. His main research interests are in the area of plant physiological ecology, especially as related to mineral nutrition and water relations. He is the manager of the Sarah Racine Root Research Laboratory at Tel Aviv University.

    Tom Beeckman studied botany at Ghent University in Belgium and, after performing postdoctoral research at the Molecular Genetics Department, became group leader of the Root Development Group at the Flanders Institute of Biotechnology (VIB) in 2001. In 2007, he became a professor at Ghent University, teaching plant developmental biology. He has devoted a considerable part of his research to understanding how cell division is integrated into plant developmental processes, especially during the branching of roots.

    "…covers a broad range of topics that answer both fundamental and complex questions of plant root research."
    South African Journal of Botany, 95 (2014)

    Praise for previous editions:

    "…a critical reference for anyone who is even peripherally interested in roots and root function….sufficiently comprehensive. …an excellent book….a must have for any collegiate library, and a critical reference for a serious root researcher."
    Crop Science

    "…the first attempt to summarize new findings concerning plant roots biology…very important."

    "…an excellent reference…extensive and intensive in its coverage of plants roots…contains a wealth of significant literature."
    Economic Botany

    "The contents of this book represent the most comprehensive text on the root research literature available to date. …an accessible and valuable reference work…"
    “It is in fact up-to-date and covers many more aspects than the ordinary plant scientist would normally consider. … The book gives a truly multidisciplinary view of the field. It is intended to challenge the reader to consider the most pressing problems in root research and to seek solutions for the future. … The book is suitable as reference for lectures, researchers and students. It is easy to read and is thought provoking. This book should be on the shelves of all teaching and research institution libraries.”
    — Johanes Van Staden, Research Centre for Plant Growth and Development, School of Biological and Conservation Sciences, University of KwaZulu-Natal Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, in South African Journal of Botany, Issue 2, 2007