1st Edition

Plant Tissue Culture

By Jayarama Reddy Copyright 2024

    This book is a comprehensive text on plant tissue culture, with its past, present, and future prospects and techniques discussed in detail.

    In the first three chapters, the history, terminologies, and applications are given in detail. The fourth chapter is dedicated to the instrumentation of plant tissue culture. The basic techniques used in PTC are described in the sixth chapter. The details of the constituents and types of different nutrient media are discussed in the eighth chapter. In chapter number 9, methods of haploid production have been described. Bioreactors are the instruments that are used for the large-scale production of plantlets and plant products. 

    This book is useful for all the students, researchers, teachers, and industrialists interested in plant tissue culture.

    Print edition not for sale in india.


    About the Author

    1 Introducton and History of Plant Tissue Culture

    2 Terminologies Used in Plant Tissue Culture

    3 Applications of Plant Tissue Culture

    4 Instruments Used for Plant Tissue Culture

    5 Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory Organisation

    6 Basic Techniques of Plant Tissue Culture

    7 Plant Tissue Culture Nutrient Media and Preparation

    8 Types of Plant Tissue Culture-Organ Culture

    9 Production of Haploids in vitro

    10 Single Cell Culture

    11 Cell Suspension Culture

    12 Principles, Techniques of Plant Protoplast Culture

    13 Agrobacterium Mediated Biotransformation

    14 Bioreactors Used in Plant Tissue Culture

    15 Entreupernarship in Plant Tissue Culture

    16 Automation and Robotics in Plant Tissue Culture



    Jayarama Reddy teaches Botany, Bioinformatics and Biostatistics to UG and PG students at St. Joseph’s University, Bengaluru, India. His field of specialization is biotechnology and he has conducted research at IIHR and IISc Bengaluru, India.