1st Edition

Plant Virus, Vector

By S. Mukhopadhyay Copyright 2010
    528 Pages
    by CRC Press

    526 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Stressing the key role vectors play spread of virus diseases, this volume represents the priorities in practical plant virus research and ways in which their control or management should be sought through an understanding of the practical and environmental aspects of the interactions of viruses with their vectors and their environment. It provides an in-depth understanding of the vectors, their biology, dispersal, movement and migration, contemporary canvases of epidemiology, and the management of virus diseases keeping in view the globalization of agriculture as also the viruses and their quarantine requirements.

      Nomenclature and Classification
      Diversity of Physical Structure
      Simple Nucleic Acid Threads
      Particulate Structure
      Diversity in Chemical Components and Genomic Structure
      Basic Components 
      Diversities in Quantitative Presence of Important Components  
      General Properties of Proteins and their Roles in Virus Structure
      Diversity in Genomic Structure 
      Plant Virus Diagnostics
      Identification and Detection
      Vectors of Viruses
      Vectors: Morphology and Biology 
      Vectors: Their Relation with Viruses 
      Dispersal, Movement and Migration of Vectors
      Dispersal and Flight Activity
      Atmospheric Transport and Migration of Vectors 
      Dispersal of vectors other than insects
      Plant Virus Epidemiology and Ecology
      Nature of Viruses and their Epidemiological Relevance 
      Conventional Epidemiology 
      Ecological Epidemiology
      Molecular Ecology and Epidemiology
      Evolutionary Epidemiology
      Ecological genomics and epidemiology
      Global warming and epidemiology
      Management: Strategies and Tactics
      Integrated Pest Management (IPM)


      S. Mukhopadhyay