1st Edition

Plant Viruses Volume I: Structure and Replication

By C.L. Mandahar Copyright 1989
    374 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    This book deals with the structure and replication of plant viruses, viroids, satellites of plant viruses, and spiroplasmas and neatly sums up the state of our knowledge about these aspects of these pathogens.Published information about single-stranded positive-sense RNA plant viruses is far greater than for any other group of plant pathogens.The book caters to the needs of students as well as researchers and is illustrated with micrographs, figures of postulated models, and genetic maps

    1. Monopartite Elongated Viruses C.L. Mandahar 2. Monopartite Spherical Viruses O.P. Sehgal, J.A. White, and C.L. Mandahar 3. Multicomponent Viruses C.L. Mandahar 4. Multiplication of Plus-Sense RNA Viruses C.L. Mandahar 5. Reconstitution of Plant Viruses E.N. Dobrov and J.G. Atabekov 6. Plant Reoviruses Eishiro Shikata 7. Plant DNA Viruses C.L. Mandahar 8. Plant Viroids: A Biochemical Novelty R.P. Singh 9. Satellites of Plant Viruses C. Fritsch and M.A. Mayo 10. Spiroplasmas and Mycoplasmalike Organisms R.C. Sinha


    Mandahar, C.L.