1st Edition

Plasma Deposited Thin Films

By J. Mort, F. Jansen Copyright 1986

    In Summary, the objective of this book is to present in one volume a review of the plasma deposition process and the present understanding of the most important and widely used plasma deposited thin film materials, devices and their applications.

    1. Plasma Deposition Processes 2. Plasma-Deposited Films: Kinetics of Formation, Composition, and Microstructure 3. Electronic Properties of Plasma-Deposited Semiconductor Films 4. Carbon Thin Films 5. Silicon Nitride and Other Insulator Films 6. Photovoltaic Structures by Plasma Deposition 7. Xerographic Applications of Plasma-Deposited Amorphous Tetrahedral Materials 8. Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon Electronic Devices and Their Arrays


    Jansen F., J. Mort