Extended and revised, Plasma Waves, 2nd Edition provides essential information on basic formulas and categorizes the various  possible types of waves and their interactions. The book includes modern and complete treatments of electron cyclotron emission, collisions, relativistic effects, Landau damping, quasilinear and nonlinear wave theory, and tunneling equations. The broad scope encompasses waves in cold, warm, and hot plasmas and relativistic plasma waves. Special chapters deal with the effects of boundaries, inhomogeneities, and nonlinear effects. The author derives all formulae and describes several fundamental wave experiments, allowing for a greater appreciation of the subject.

    Waves in a Cold Uniform Plasma
    Waves in Fluid Plasmas
    Kinetic Theory of Plasma Waves
    Bounded Homogeneous Plasmas
    Waves in Inhomogeneous Plasmas
    Weak Turbulence Theory
    Finite Amplitude Plasma Waves
    Complex Variables
    Special Functions in Plasma Physics
    The Amplitude Equations of Geometric Optics
    Answers to Selected Problems


    Donald Gary Swanson (Auburn University, Alabama, USA) (Author)

    “It’s a fine text, and I use it with my graduate students as a tutorial text in my laboratory research.”
    — Professor Christopher Watts

    “This is a revised and extended version of a book that has already proved its value as an advanced text at the postgraduate level. It contains a careful account of many of the properties of waves using the various possible levels of approach, and a good selection of graphs and surface plots that are a great help to the reader in visualizing the behavior of wave dispersion relations … . Any student who masters the material in this book and works through the problems it contains will have a very solid grounding in the theory of wave propagation. Research workers in the field will find it to be a comprehensive source of information on waves, including a number of topics that have only been found in research papers until now. I think this is a very welcome addition to the literature, which will be a valuable resource for teachers and researchers … . Swanson’s book is certainly worth a place on the bookshelves of anyone who needs to know about plasma waves.”
    —R.A. Cairns in Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion