1st Edition

Platform-Mediated Tourism Social Justice and Urban Governance before and during Covid-19

Edited By Paola Minoia, Salla Jokela Copyright 2023

    This book presents theoretical and empirical perspectives on platform-mediated tourism, with a special focus on Airbnb. The case studies included in this volume show that the impacts of short-term renting on neighbourhoods, residents and tourism operators are uneven, but increasingly significant.

    During the past decade, digital platforms for short-term rental, transport, social dining etc., have enabled the development of a new generation of entrepreneurs in tourism and mobility. The mediation of services through digital platforms was initially presented as a form of a sharing economy led by non-professional providers, but it has grown into a new form of capitalist speculation. The inadequacy of existing legal frameworks in regulating platform-mediated activities has generated reactions by social movements, especially for the protection of housing rights. With the outbreak of Covid-19, the downfall in the mobility and tourism economy has revealed the acuteness of the structural crisis of cities and of labour based on platform-mediated activities. In Europe, networks of cities are taking action against platforms to regain their control over data that is needed to regulate platform-mediated tourism services, and the rights of residents in tourism cities.

    The authors in this edited volume explore issues of social justice in terms of residents’ quality of life, working conditions, the housing market, urban structure, the morality of operators who navigate through normative loopholes, and the responsibility issues of platform companies holding data on short-term rentals.

    The chapters in this book were originally published in the Journal of Sustainable Tourism.

    1. Platform-mediated tourism: social justice and urban governance before and during Covid-19   
    Paola Minoia and Salla Jokela 
    2. Performing a peer-to-peer economy: how Airbnb hosts navigate socio- institutional frameworks  
    Mathilde Dissing Christensen 
    3. Self-perceptions of Airbnb hosts’ responsibility: a moral identity perspective 
    Anna Farmaki, Dimitrios Stergiou and Antonios Kaniadakis 
    4. The social practices of hosting P2P social dining events: insights for sustainable tourism 
    Anna Davies, Agnese Cretella, Ferne Edwards and Brigida Marovelli
    5. Overtourism and online short- term rental platforms in Italian cities
    Filippo Celata and Antonello Romano
    6. Venice as a short-term city: between global trends and local lock-ins
    Giacomo-Maria Salerno and Antonio Paolo Russo
    7. Whose right to the city? An analysis of the mediatized politics of place surrounding alojamento local issues in Lisbon and Porto 
    Kate Torkington and Filipa Perdigão Ribeiro
    8. Politicising platform- mediated tourism rentals in the digital sphere: Airbnb in Madrid and Barcelona
    Julie Wilson, Lluís Garay- Tamajon and Soledad Morales- Perez
    9. Third- party impacts of short-term rental accommodation: a community survey to inform government responses
    Sabine Muschter, Rodney W. Caldicott, Tania von der Heidt and Deborah Che
    10. Social consequences of Airbnb: a New Zealand case study of cause and effect
    Chris Ryan and Linglong Ma
    11. Airbnb impacts on host communities in a tourism destination: an exploratory study of stakeholder perspectives in Queenstown, New Zealand
    Mingming Cheng, Susan Houge Mackenzie and Gebeyaw Ambelu Degarege
    12. COVID- 19 pandemic exposes the vulnerability of the sharing economy: a novel accounting framework
    Guangwu Chen, Mingming Cheng, Deborah Edwards and Lixiao Xu


    Paola Minoia is Associate Professor in Geography, University of Turin, Italy and Senior Lecturer in Global Development Studies, University of Helsinki, Finland. Her interests intersect the fields of geography, political ecology, and development studies with a focus on territoriality, state and community relations, socio-environmental justice, eco-cultural knowledges, tourism, and sustainability.

    Salla Jokela is University Lecturer at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Tampere University, Finland. She teaches in the Bachelor’s degree programme in Sustainable Urban Development. Her research has focused on urban tourism, visual culture, identity politics, city branding and urban discourses.