Plato: The Man and His Work (RLE: Plato)  book cover
1st Edition

Plato: The Man and His Work (RLE: Plato)

ISBN 9780415751582
Published March 7, 2014 by Routledge
576 Pages

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Book Description

This book provides an introduction to Plato’s work that gives a clear statement of what Plato has to say about the problems of thought and life. In particular, it tells the reader just what Plato says, and makes no attempt to force a system on the Platonic text or to trim Plato’s works to suit contemporary philosophical tastes. The author also gives an account that has historical fidelity - we cannot really understand the Republic or the Gorgias if we forget that the Athens of the conversations is meant to be the Athens of Nicias or Cleon, not the very different Athens of Plato’s own manhood. To understand Plato’s thought we must see it in the right historical perspective.

Table of Contents

1. The Life of Plato 2. The Platonic Writings 3. Minor Socratic Dialogues - Hippias Major, Hippias Minor, Ion, Menexenus 4. Minor Socratic Dialogues - Charmides, Laches, Lysis 5. Minor Socratic Dialogues - Cratylus, Euthydemus 6. Socratic Dialogues - Gorgias, Meno 7. Socratic Dialogues - Euthyphro, Apology, Crito 8. Phaedo 9. Symposium 10. Protagoras 11. Republic 12. Phaedrus 13. Theaetetus 14. Parmenides 15. Sophistes-Politicus 16. Philebus 17. Timaeus and Critias 18. Laws and Epinomis 19. Plato in the Academy – Forms and Numbers. Chronological Table. Appendix – the Platonic Apocrypha. Index of Proper Names. Index of Subjects.

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