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Plato and Socrates (RLE: Plato)
A Comprehensive Bibliography 1958-1973.

ISBN 9780415751551
Published March 7, 2014 by Routledge
632 Pages

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Book Description

This valuable work of reference provides a comprehensive bibliography on all scholarly work that was published on Plato and Socrates during the years 1958-73. It thus forms an important addition to Harold Cherniss’s bibliography, which covered the years 1950-7. The author has sought to include all materials primarily concerned with Socrates and Plato, together with other works which make a contribution to our understanding of the two philosophers. The bibliography is arranged by topic and there are cross-references at the end of each section. The works in each category are arranged chronologically and then alphabetically (by author) within each year. An effort has been made to distinguish when a book has had more than one edition and when an article has been reprinted. Additionally the author has listed reviews of books and dissertations as these have come to his attention.

Table of Contents

Preface. Index of Periodicals and Abbreviations Part 1: Plato  1: General Studies of Plato 1. Books on Plato 2. Histories of Ancient Philosophy 3. Sections on Plato in Other Works 4. General Articles on Plato  2: Plato’s Life and his Relation to Others 1. Plato’s Life (General) 2. Plato and Syracuse 3. Plato and his Predecessors and Contemporaries 4. Plato and the Academy 5. Influence of Plato’s Background on his Thought 6. Plato and Aristotle 7. Plato and Later Figures and Schools of Ancient Philosophy 8. Plato and Later Classical Literature 9. Plato and Christianity 10. Plato and Later Thinkers 11. Plato and Later Science 12. Plato and the East 13. History of the Interpretation of Plato  3: The Platonic Corpus 1. Transmission of Text - Indirect Tradition 2. Authenticity and Chronology 3. Editions, Translations, Commentaries and Interpretations of the Writings Themselves  4: Plato as a Writer 1. Language, Prose Style and Figures of Speech 2. Dialogue – Structure, Technique, Characterization and Intention 3. Myth and Allegory 4. Humor and Irony 5. Plato’s Estimate of Writing  5: Plato’s Thought 1. Dialectic, Logic and Plato’s Conception of Philosophy 2. Metaphysics 3. Psychology, Human Nature and the Human Condition 4. The Physical World (General) 5. Mathematics and Science 6. Ethics 7. Politics and Society 8. Education 9. Aesthetics 10. Religion and Theology 11. Epistemology 12. Rhetoric 13. Linguistics and Philosophy of Language 14. Esoteric Doctrines  6: Plato’s Terminology. Part 2: Socrates  7: General Studies of Socrates 1. Books on Socrates 2. Chapters on Socrates in Histories of Ancient Philosophy 3. Sections on Socrates in Other Works 4. Articles Treating Socrates and his Place in Philosophy in General  8: The Sources for our Knowledge of Socrates 1. Collections of Sources 2. Discussion of the Sources  9: Socrates’ Life and his Relation with Others 1. Socrates’ Life (including his Daimon) 2. The Trial and Death of Socrates 3. Socrates and his Predecessors and Contemporaries 4. Socrates and Later Classical Literature 5. Socrates and Christianity 6. Socrates and Later Thinkers 7. The History of Interpretation of Socrates  10: Socrates’ Thought 1. Socratic Method - Nature and Goals, Socratic Definition 2. Socratic Irony 3. Socratic Epistemology 4. Ethics, including the Socratic Paradoxes 5. Political Philosophy 6. The Soul and Human Nature 7. Theology 8. Science 9. Aesthetics  11: Socrates and Plato in Ancient Art  12: Reference  13: Bibliography  14: Collections of Articles. Author Index

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