1st Edition

Playing with Nature History and Politics of Environment in North-East India

Edited By Sajal Nag Copyright 2018

    North East India is called nature’s gift to India. It is mountainous, thickly forested, nourished by massive rainfall, has massive rivers, has a diverse wildlife, inhabited a number of forest dwellers called tribes who cherished environmentalist ethos. The region has been experiencing environmental depletion which was a result of colonial policies, exploitation of its ecological and mineral resources, large scale trans-border immigration and settlement of people, establishment of the plantation industry through deforestation and the dependence of the dairy industry on grazing and other factors. This books depicts the precariousness of the environmental situation and traces the history and politics of such degeneration with a view to raise the consciousness of the people of the region towards their environment and save it from further aggravation.


    Sajal Nag

    1. India’s North-East: An Enigmatic Absence in
    History and Cartography

    Rila Mukherjee

    2. Marsh, Rice and Faith: Aspects of Environmental
    and Religious Changes in the Early Medieval
    Surma-Barak Valley

    Birendra Nath Prasad

    3. Man, Nature and State in Pre-Colonial Kachar

    Bazlur Rahman Khan

    4. Environment and War: Small Wars in
    North-East India, 1845-1913

    Kaushik Roy

    5. The Coming of British Forestry in Assam in the
    Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century:
    Initiatives and Problems

    Srijani Bhattacharjee

    6. The Ecological and Social Watershed:
    Colonial Intervention and Forest Use in Assam

    Rajib Handique

    7. Forests, Fields and Pasture:
    Environmental and Revenue Debates of
    Land Usage in Colonial Assam in 1910-1920

    Suryasikha Pathak

    8. Colonialism and Deforestation in Naga Hills

    S. Victor Babu

    9. State-Science, Hegemony and Shifting the
    Cultivator: Contesting the ‘Anti-modernity’
    Discourse on Shifting Cultivation in South Asia

    Debojyoti Das

    10. Land Use/Land Cover Change and its Impact
    on Climate in the Barak Valley, Assam

    Bashabi Gupta

    11. Rain, Rain, Come Again: History of Rainfall,
    Deforestation and Water Scarcity in Cherrapunji,
    the Rainiest Spot in the Globe

    Sajal Nag

    12. Challenging Times, Challenged Body: Decolonization,
    Displacement and Disease among East Pakistani
    Refugees in South Assam, 1947-1954

    Binayak Dutta

    13. The Empire as a World of Sport: Aspects of
    Hunting in Colonial Assam, c. 1850-1900.

    Bipul Chaudhury

    14. Colonizing the Wild: British Policies towards
    Wildlife in Assam, 1874-1947

    Geetashree Singh

    15. Encountering Floods: Colonial State and the
    Flood of 1916 in the Surma-Barak Valley of Assam

    Monisankar Misra

    16. Environmental Impact of the Great Earthquakes
    of 1897 and 1950 on North-East India

    Shymananda Bhattacharjee

    17. Mythology as a Protest Narrative: A Lepcha Tale

    Kerry Little


    Sajal Nag teaches Modern History at Assam Central University. Earlier he was associated with the North-Eastern Hill University and the Centre for Social Studies, Surat.