1st Edition

Plínio Salgado A Brazilian Fascist (1895–1975)

By João Fábio Bertonha Copyright 2024
    268 Pages 15 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Plínio Salgado covers the life trajectory of the far-right Brazilian political leader between 1895 and 1975. 
    The book initially follows his life from his birth, including political and cultural training and political activities between 1895 and 1930. The focus then shifts to his period as leader of the Brazilian fascist movement between 1932 and 1938, with attention to his performance as a leader, his role within the movement, and in the rise and fall of the Integralist Action. His period of exile in Portugal between 1939 and 1947 is also emphasized, with a special focus on his contacts with the Portuguese radical right and German and Italian agents. The final part addresses his return to Brazil, his efforts to reposition himself politically and his performance as a parliamentarian and supporter of the military coup of 1964.
    This book will be of interest to researchers of Latin American history, Brazilian history and politics, the transnational far right, and comparative fascism studies. 


    Foreword to the Brazilian edition  Foreword to the Portuguese edition  Foreword to the English edition  Introduction to the English edition  Presentation to the English-speaking public  PART 1 - THE INTELLECTUAL AND THE POLITICIAN (1895-1932)  1. Origins and life in the province (1895-1919)  2. The modernist writer and the political essayist (1919-1930)  3. The journalist and politician of the Partido Republicano Paulista  4. The decisive years: the break with the old order (1930-1932)  PART 2 - THE FOCAL POINT OF A LIFE: INTEGRALISM (1932-1939)  5. The integralist thinker (1932-1938)  6. The National Chief (1932-1939)  7. The political articulator (1932-1937)  8. A conspirator in search of power (1937-1939)  PART 3 - A POLITICIAN IN SEARCH OF A NEW OPPORTUNITY FOR POWER  9. An exile in search of new paths (1939-1946)  10. An intellectual and a politician updated (1946-1964)  11. The PRP leader and political activities between 1945 and 1962  PART 4 - THE COLLABORATOR OF THE MILITARY DICTATORSHIP, DEATH, AND SYMBOLIC SURVIVAL (1963-1975)  12. The conspirator and the supporter of the military regime (1963-1974)  13. Death (1975) and symbolic survival  Final considerations  Bibliography


    João Fábio Bertonha is a Professor at the State University of Maringá (UEM), Brazil, and researcher at the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq). His website is joaofabiobertonha.com.