1st Edition

Plotinus on the Appearance of Time and the World of Sense
A Pantomime

ISBN 9781138265028
Published February 27, 2017 by Routledge
246 Pages

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Book Description

Plotinus (c.205-70) was a Neoplatonist philosopher, his work posthumously published by Porphyry and divided into six books, nine tractates each, called the Enneads. In this book Majumdar makes a valuable addition to the literature on his work, especially Ennead III.7(45)11-13 - in particular explaining Plotinus' cosmology using the genus-species model of soul, coordinating the literature on the appearance of time and the cosmos with that on the larger issue of Plotinian "emanation" and examining the role of tolma and the restless nature of soul in this conjoint appearance. This book investigates Plotinian "emanation," its laws of poiesis (contemplative making ) and the roles of nature, matter, logos, (rational formative principle) and contemplation and highlights the subtler details of Plotinus' cosmology by disentangling conceptual issues about the nature of soul and self ("we") and their impact on the process of generation of time and the cosmos.



Deepa Majumdar is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Purdue University North Central, USA.


'Dr. Majumdar provides the most thorough, rigorous, precise, organized, and insightful account I have read of Plotinus’ many remarks and discussions regarding soul and some related concepts. She thoroughly identifies every (so far as I can tell) significant distinction and discussion pertaining to the nature and function of soul found in the Enneads. She discerns beyond previous scholars certain overlooked, subtle linguistic and conceptual representations of soul and its activities in Plotinus’ treatises. And her like treatment of Plotinus’ conception of Self is unique in the contemporary literature on Plotinus.' Michael F. Wagner, The University of San Diego, USA 'Dr. Majumdar's knowledge and command of the sources, both primary and secondary, is particularly impressive. Her argument throughout the book is presented with a remarkable vigour and intensity, and yet in a very clear way, which also makes the book accessible to non-specialists. Overall, this book can be not only a nice introduction to Plotinus but also of much help to anyone interested in the problem of time and temporality as related to the structure of the self.' Dimitri Nikulin, New School University, New York 'This book will add to our knowledge of the one of the most important Neoplatonic thinkers. Future scholars will refer to and build on what Majumdar has written.' John F. Finamore, University of Iowa 'In her book, Plotinus on the Appearance of Time and the World of Sense: a Pantomime, Dr. Majumdar takes a sophisticated approach to Plotinus, displaying very thorough familiarity with both the works of Plotinus himself and all the major secondary literature in the area, including the work of some often neglected scholars.' Eric D. Perl, Loyola Marymount University