1st Edition

Podcasting in Social Work Education A Way Forward for Educators

Edited By Mim Fox, Jonathan B. Singer Copyright 2025
    216 Pages 7 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    216 Pages 7 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Technology innovations have changed how social work educators teach and students learn. This book is designed to assist social work academics and educators in enhancing their students' critical thinking, reflective capacity and skills in clinical and research settings through the integration of social work content podcasting.

    It delves into the philosophical and theoretical underpinnings of podcasting within social work education and offers a framework for those looking to integrate podcasts into their pedagogical strategies. The book positions the co-creation of podcasts as a way forward in storytelling lived experience, enriching the lifelong educational journey for educators and students.

    Written by Mim Fox and Jonathan B. Singer—social work educators, practitioners, and hosts of the award-winning Social Work Stories Podcast and The Social Work Podcast, respectively—this book is an indispensable resource. It is packed with practical tips, insightful advice, compelling case studies, and helpful media links. Essential for all social work educators and practitioners, this book is essential reading for any social worker who is interested in podcasting in social work.

    Section One – Social work education and podcasting: An overview


    Chapter One – The context of social work education

    Mim Fox and Jonathan B. Singer


    Chapter Two – A theoretical frame for social work education

    Mim Fox


    Chapter Three – Social work education and digital delivery

    Jonathan B. Singer


    Section Two – Imbedding podcasting in your teaching and learning 


    Chapter Four – Podcasting in social work education for clinical skill development

    Jonathan B. Singer


    Chapter Five – Podcasting and research skill development

    Benjamin Joseph and Neil Hall


    Chapter Six – Podcasting, critical thinking and reflection

    Mim Fox and Lis Murphy


    Section Three – The Co-creation of the Podcast: A way to imbed podcasting in social work education


    Chapter Seven – Social work podcasting scholarship: Constructing, researching, and publishing

    Mim Fox, Jonathan B. Singer and Benjamin Joseph


    Chapter Eight – Co-creation of podcasts with students

    Mim Fox and Lis Murphy


    Chapter Nine – Co-creating a podcast with practitioners

    Mim Fox and Benjamin Joseph


    Chapter Ten – Co-creation with vulnerable populations

    Marquitta Dorsey


    Section Four – Podcasting in Social Work Education: A way forward


    Chapter Eleven – From blogging to podcasting: Boosting critical voices in social work

    Deb Stanfield and Liz Beddoe 


    Chapter Twelve – In Critique of Social Work Content Podcasting

    Jonathan B. Singer


    Chapter Thirteen – Social work education and podcasting into the future

    Jonathan B. Singer and Mim Fox


    Mim Fox is an internationally recognised writer, podcaster and researcher in social work healthcare, social work practice and social work education.

    Jonathan B. Singer, PhD, LCSW is an internationally recognized expert in youth suicide and social work technology.

    This book showcases the importance of bringing social work education and practice into contemporary contexts through podcasts. By utilising such platforms, the learning experience is enriched, enabling social work educators to create learning opportunities and environments that support emerging social workers that are engaged, and ready to enter a profession striving to make a difference.

    Jioji Ravulo
    Professor of Social Work and Policy Studies
    Chair of Social Work and Policy Studies
    Sydney School of Education and Social Work | Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

    Podcasting in Social Work Education is a pioneering book for social work educators that presents a transformative vision of podcasting in social work education. The authors explore the many creative uses of podcasting, and, importantly, place it in the context of many other types of experiential learning and the use of digital technology for teaching and learning. Readers will emerge not only with a deep understanding of the myriad of ways that podcasting can advance and enrich social work education, but also with the insight that podcasting needs to be recast as an essential element of a profession based in oral traditions, reflexivity, and critical thinking. This will be a core reference on my bookshelves for many years to come.

    Nancy J. Smyth, PhD, LCSW
    Professor, Associate Dean for Faculty Development, and Former Dean
    University at Buffalo School of Social Work
    Co-author, Teaching Social Work with Digital Technology


    Jonathan Singer and Mim Fox have created a new language for social work educators and students that draws Voice and Listening to the fore as core social work skills. Podcasting provides an immersive and transformational medium for deep engagement with Voice in ways that text and the written word cannot mimic. This book gives a rich kaleidoscope of ideas that will expand the horizons for all, inclusive of practitioners and people prepared to tell their stories, for those willing to listen, and for those looking for new ways to teach.

    Donna McAuliffe
    Professor, School of Health Sciences and Social Work
    Griffith University, Australia