1st Edition

Poetry and Fairy Tales Language Arts Units for Gifted Students in Grade 3

    318 Pages
    by Prufrock Press

    The CLEAR curriculum, developed by University of Virginia's National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented, is an evidence-based teaching model that emphasizes Challenge Leading to Engagement, Achievement, and Results. In Poetry and Fairy Tales: Language Arts Units for Gifted Students in Grade 3 students will read and analyze various forms of poetry and write their own poetry anthology. They will learn how to identify and use figurative language to create concrete images from abstract ideas. In the fairy tales unit, students will study fairy tales and folklore to understand how and why societal norms and mores are culturally transmitted. These units focus on critical literacy that includes reading diverse sources, understanding bias and cultural contexts, and creating informed consumers of information.

    Grade 3

    Acknowledgments Part I: Introduction and Using the CLEAR Curriculum Units Introduction Using the CLEAR Curriculum Units Part II: Unit Plans Unit 1: The Magic of Everyday Things Lesson 1: Welcome to Poetry Lesson 2: Concrete Versus Abstract Lesson 3: “The Red Wheelbarrow” Returns Lesson 4: “The Magic Box” Lesson 5: Poet’s Workshop Lesson 6: The Memory Box Lesson 7: Postcards From My Life Lesson 8: Workshop Day 2 Lesson 9: Meet Metaphor Lesson 10: More Metaphor Lesson 11: Personification Lesson 12: A Different Point of View Lesson 13: Workshop Day 3 Lesson 14: Time to Rhyme Lesson 15: Rhythm and Repetition Lesson 16: How to Read and Understand a Poem Lesson 17: Workshop Days 4 and 5 Lesson 18: Class Poetry Reading Unit 2: Fairy Tales, Fables, and Folklore: The Art of Storytelling Lesson 1: Welcome to Fairy Tales, Fables, and Folklore Lesson 2: Folktales: What and Why? Lesson 3: Magic Tales Lesson 4: Once Upon a Time . . . Lesson 5: Understanding Culture Lesson 6: Variants Lesson 7: Collectors of Tales Lesson 8: Type Index Lesson 9: Storytellers Carry Culture Lesson 10: Delivering Stories Lesson 11: Storytellers Lesson 12: Storytellers Mini-Product Lesson 13: Re-Tellers Lesson 14: Literary Tellers Lesson 15: Literary Tellers 2 Lesson 16: Festival Prework Lesson 17: Festival Prework, Seminars Lesson 18: Festival Prework, Final Prep Lesson 19: Folklore Festival and Assessment References Appendices: Unit Resources Appendix A: Unit 1 Resources Appendix B: Unit 2 Resources About the Authors Common Core State Standards Alignment


    Amy Price Azano, Ph.D., is an assistant professor of adolescent literacy at Virginia Tech where her research focuses on rural gifted education, place-based pedagogy, and the literacy needs of rural youth.

    Tracy C. Missett, Ph.D, is an assistant professor at the University of Montana Phyllis J. Washington College of Education and Human Sciences, where she holds the Suzanne and Dave Peterson Endowed Professorship in Gifted Education.