1st Edition

Police Work Principles and Practice

    352 Pages
    by Willan

    350 Pages
    by Willan

    This book provides a highly readable account of police work. It builds upon Introduction to Police Work (Rogers and Lewis 2007) to provide a comprehensive, in depth and critical understanding of policing in today's diverse society.

    Police Work: Principles and Practice meets the need for an increasingly sophisticated and professional approach to training within the police, whether this is carried out within police forces themselves or within higher education institutions. Written in an accessible style by current and former police practitioners and a nationally recognized expert on the National Intelligence Model, this book focuses – in line with the government's agenda for workforce modernization – on three key areas of policing: community, investigation and intelligence. It introduces readers to many important areas through the use of definition boxes, scenario boxes highlighting good practice, points to note boxes, flowcharts and diagrams as well as a wide range of questions and exercises to help apply their knowledge to different situations and scenarios.

    This book will be essential reading for those on probationer training programmes and a valuable resource for students taking courses in policing and criminology more generally where an advanced level of understanding of the nature of police work is required.

    1. The Context for the Book  Part 1: Community  2. Community Issues  3. Community and Crime Reduction  4. Neighbourhood Policing Teams and Problem Solving  5. Communities – Engagement, Consultation and Accountability  Part 2: Investigation  6. Criminal Investigations in Context  7. Legislation and Police Powers  8. Methods of Investigation  9. Investigation Strategies  Part 3: Intelligence  10. What is Intelligence?  11. Developing and Employing Intelligence  12. Intelligence-led Policing and the National Intelligence Model  13. Multi-Agency Approaches and Intelligence  Part 4: Investigative Practices  14. The Nature and Investigation of Sexual Offences  15. Organised and Transnational Crime  16. Forensic Investigation and Crime Science  17. Policing and Public Disorder  18. Future Directions 


    Colin Rogers is a former senior police officer and is a Reader in Police Sciences at the University of Glamorgan; Rhobert Lewis is a former police officer, now Associate Dean and Director of the Centre for Police Studies at the University of Glamorgan; Tim John is Senior Lecturer in the Centre for Criminology at the University of Glamorgan; Tim Read is a former Senior Research Consultant for Evidence Led Solutions, a research consultancy working in the community safety field and currently Senior Lecturer in Police Science at Glamorgan University.