1st Edition

Police and Policing Law

Edited By Jeannine Bell Copyright 2006
    604 Pages
    by Routledge

    This collection of essays focuses on law and society research examining how police manage the job put to them and the extent to which the law figures in what they do. In step with law and society scholarship, many of the articles are empirical explorations of the ways in which law enforcement workson the ground in a variety of policing contexts ranging from patrol to police interrogation. The collection also includes an introduction outlining the broad scope of police research across the socio-legal tradition as well as a selection of essays evaluating police discretion in the areas of race and gender.

    Contents: Series preface; Introduction; Part I Maintaining Order versus Enforcing the Law: Lawful policing, Wesley G. Skogan and Tracey L. Meares; Watchman and community: myth and institutionalization in policing, John P. Crank. Part II The Fourth and Fifth Amendments 'On the Ground' - Search, Seizure and Interrogation: Street stops and broken windows: terry, race, and disorder in New York City, Jeffrey Fagan and Garth Davies; Inside the interrogation room, Richard A. Leo; Search warrants, motions to suppress and 'lost cases': the effects of the exclusionary rule in 7 jurisdictions, Craig D. Uchida and Timothy S. Bynum; The determinants of deadly force: a structural analysis of police violence, David Jacobs and Robert M. O'Brien . Part III Discretion in the Decision to Arrest: The police and nonenforcement of the law - part II, Wayne R. LaFave; Revisiting the decision to arrest: comparing beat and community officers, Kenneth J. Novak, James Frank, Brad W. Smith and Robin Shepard Engel; The helping hand of the law: police control of citizens on request, Stephen D. Mastrofski, Jeffrey B. Snipes, Roger B. Parks and Christopher D. Maxwell; Policing identities: cop decision making and the constitution of citizens, Trish Oberweis and Michael Mushino; Morality in law enforcement: chasing 'bad guys' with the Los Angeles police department, Steve Herbert; Demeanor or crime? The Midwest City police-citizen encounters study, Richard J. Lundman; The effect of different police enforcement policies on the control of prostitution, E. Nick Larsen Part IV Discretion, Race and Gender: How novice and experienced officers interpret wife assaults: normative and efficiency frames, Loretta J. Stalans and Mary A. Finn; Differential police treatment of male-on-female spousal violence, James J. Fyfe, David A. Klinger and Jeanne M. Flavin; Deciding when hate is a crime: the First Amendment, police detectives, and the identification of hate crime, Jeannine Bell; Examining the influence of d