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    The contributors to this volume, based on the Agriculture Research Seminars held annually at the University of Minnesota, examine the role of government, multinationals, and the emerging private sector (in both domestic and international contexts) in determining agricultural research policy.

    Preface -- Global Perspective -- Introduction -- Investment in Agricultural Research and Extension* -- The Contribution of the CGIAR Centers to World Agricultural Research -- Toward A Global Agricultural Research System* -- Crisis and Reform in the U.S. Agricultural Research System -- Introduction -- A Century of Science in Agriculture: Lessons for Science Policy* -- Priority Setting in Agricultural Research* -- Technology Transfer, Public Policy, and the Cooperative Extension Service* -- Mobilizing Support for Agricultural Research at the Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station -- Anticipating Advances in Crop Technology* -- Research Organization and Reform in Developing Countries -- Introduction -- Agricultural Research Organization in the Developing World: Diversity and Evolution* -- The Evolution of Farming Systems and Agricultural Technology in Sub-Saharan Africa* -- Low Input Technologies for Sustainable Agricultural Systems -- Agricultural Research in Nigeria: Organization and Policy -- Mobilizing Political Support for the Brazilian Agricultural Research System -- The Use of Events Analysis in Evaluating National Research Systems -- The Emerging Role of the Private Sector in Agricultural Research -- Introduction -- Private Sector Agricultural Research in the United States* -- Private Sector Agricultural Research in Asia* -- Food Transnational Corporations and Developing Countries: The Case of the Improved Seed Industry in Mexico* -- Support Structures for Technology Transfer in Agriculture -- Private Sector Agricultural Invention in Developing Countries -- Agriculture: Research Planning Paralyzed by Pork-Barrel Politics* -- Science for Agriculture


    Carl E. Pray is an associate professor. of agricultural economics, Department of Agricultural and Food Economics, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey. He directed a major series of studies of the performance of Asian agricultural research systems while a staff member at the University of Minnesota. Vernon W. Ruttan is a Regents Professor of Economics and Agricultural Economics and an adjunct professor in the Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota.