Policy within and Across Developing Nations  book cover
1st Edition

Policy within and Across Developing Nations

ISBN 9781138327108
Published February 11, 2020 by Routledge
194 Pages

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Book Description

First published in 1998, policy WITHIN developing nations includes: (1) Economic policy, such as economic growth without inflation or sectors of unemployment; (2)Technology policy, such as encouraging the ad option of improved technologies for health, energy, transportation, agriculture, manufacturing and the environment; (3) Social policy, such as education facilities, and merit treatment across ethnic groups, genders, age groups, economic classes, and geographical regions; (4) Political policy, such as multiple sources of ideas from different government levels, branches, interest groups, and parties; (5) Legal policy, such as compliance with the law by street people, business people, and government people. Policy ACROSS developing nations includes: (1) International economic policy, such as trade, tariffs exchange rates, and factory relocation; (2) International technology policy, such as patents, copyrights, trademarks, and other aspects of technology transfer; (3) International social policy, such as immigration, refugees, and cross-border ethnic friction; (4) International political policy, such as human rights and the role of sanctions; (5) International legal policy, such as the drug trade, human rights, business transactions, torts, and property rights across national boundaries.

Table of Contents

Part 1. Policy Within Developing Nations. 1. Improving Developmental Policy. 2. Win-Win Developmental Administration. 3. Emergency Nations in 1996. 4. Postwar Developments: Bosnia and Public Policy. Part 2. Policy Across Developing Nations. 5. Peace Studies and Research Centers. David W. Felder. 6. Mini-symposium on Inter- and Intranational Dispute Resolution. 7. Exporting Democratic Rights as a Product. 8. Mini-symposium on International Prosperity. 9. Global Policy Studies. Part 3. Teaching Developmental Policy Studies. 10. Policy Analysis Training for Developmental Administrators. Vasant Moharir. 11. USIA Win-Win Traveling Seminars. 12. Proposed Policy Analysis Training Program. Part 4. Relevant Bibliographies. 13. Developmental Policy Studies: The Relevant Literature. Robert W. Hunt. 14. Human Rights and Developing Countries. Craig Webster and David Louis Cingranelli.

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