1st Edition

Polish Transition Ten Years On Processes and Perspectives

Edited By Sue Faulkner, Jim McLoughlin, Stanislaw Owsiak Copyright 1999
    228 Pages
    by Routledge

    232 Pages
    by Routledge

    First published in 1999, this volume features articles from specialists in finance on the economic transformation of Poland from a planned approach to a market-based system after the advent of Post-Communist Europe. Despite apparent exemplary progress in the Polish experience, the transitional process has revealed numerous deep, divisive and complex problems. These include rising disparity of incomes, growing unemployment and disillusionment with the early reform process. This book takes the opportunity of being ten years on from the point of transition to reflect upon its effects. It offers a unique dual approach: first a selection of articles on the transition, followed by a case study.

    1. Polish Transition Ten Years On: An Introduction. Sue Faulkner, Jim McLoughlin, Stanisław Owsiak. Part 1. Section A. Perspectives on Transition. 2. Macrofinancial Aspects of the Economic Transformation in Poland. Stanisław Owsiak. 3. Poland: A Privatisation Model That Works. Christine A. Bogdanowicz-Bindert, Jan Czekaj. 4. An Organisation in Transition: a Micro Study of Restructuring and Strategic Change. Jim McLoughlin, Sue Faulkner. 5. Post-Communist Europe and the Understanding of Change: the Case of Poland. Jerzy Mikulowski Pomorski. Part 2. Section B. Facilitating Learning About Transition – A Case Study Approach. 6. Case Study: Huta Tadeusza Sendzimira, Nowa Huta, Kraków, Poland. Sue Faulkner, Jim McLoughlin.