1st Edition

Political Adaptation In Sa'udi Arabia A Study Of The Council Of Ministers

By Summer S Huyette Copyright 1985
    201 Pages
    by Routledge

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    by Routledge

    Examining the evolution of the Sa'udi government from 1901 to 1983, a period of major social and political transformation, Dr, Huyette looks at the ways in which a traditional elite, the Al Sa'ud, has managed to surmount the formidable obstacles of tribal and regional differences compounded by rapid modernization. The Council of Ministers, formed in 1953, is one method developed by the Sa'udis to cope with these problems and represented the first step toward a national administrative system. Dr. Huyette traces the Council's antecedents as well as the changes in its membership, procedures, and responsibilities and the concomitant changes in the political elite and its style of leadership.

    Westview Special Studies -- Preface -- Political Change in Sa'udi Arabia -- The History -- Sa'udi Arabia Today -- The Antecedents of the Council of Ministers -- The Development of the Council of Ministers -- The Council Today -- The Civil Service -- Political Adaptation: Problems and Prospects -- Ministerial Changes 1930 to 1984 -- : Cabinet Changes 1953-1984 -- Royal Order No. 2716 -- Royal Decree No. 5/19/1/4288 -- The Constitution of the Council of Ministers -- Regulations of the Council of Ministers -- Bibliographic Essay


    Dr. Summer Scott Huyette received her Ph.D. from Columbia University in 1984. She has lived for the past ten years in Sa'udi Arabia.