1st Edition

Political Change in Greece Before and After the Colonels

Edited By Kevin Featherstone, Dimitrios K. Katsoudas Copyright 1987

    Political Change in Greece (1987) surveys the state of politics in Greece as it joined the EEC, experienced a socialist government, and faced changes in its relations within NATO. It provides historical background explaining the changes in regimes since the Second World War, and looks at different elements in Greek politics – processes, parties, interest groups and key policy areas – outlining for each recent development the likely future state of affairs.

    Part 1. The Setting 1. Introduction Kevin Featherstone  2. The Constitutional Framework Dimitrios K. Katsoudas  3. Elections and Voting Behaviour Kevin Featherstone  4. Changes in Public Attitudes Panayote Dimitras  Part 2. The Party System  5. The Conservative Movement and New Democracy: From Past to Present Dimitrios K. Katsoudas  6. Pasok and the Left Kevin Featherstone  7. The Centre – Decline and Convergence Constantine Calligas  8. The Communists Vassilis Kapetanyannis  Part 3. The Wider Political Process  9. Interest Groups – An Overview Rossetos Fakiolas  10. The Media – The State and Broadcasting Dimitrios K. Katsoudas  11. The Military Thanos Veremis  Part 4. External Relations  12. Greek Foreign Policy, 1945–1985: Seeking Independence in an Interdependent World – Problems and Prospects Van Coufoudakis  13. Greece and the European Community Susannah Verney  Conclusion  14. Continuities and Discontinuities in Greek Politics – From Elefterios Venizelos to Andreas Papandreou Nicos Mouzelis


    Kevin Featherstone and Dimitrios K. Katsoudas