1st Edition

Political Choice Institutions, Rules And The Limits Of Rationality

    This book, subtitled "political actors in institutional settings", addresses the main lines of reasoning of the new political institutionalism and rational choice theory. It discusses the question: Which particular rules, logics, or strategies of action can be found in the realm of politics?

    Preface -- Introduction -- Rational Actors in Institutional Settings -- Institutions, Interests and Political Choice -- Political Institutions, Decision Styles, and Policy Choices* -- Political Science and Organization Theory Parallel Agendas but Mutual Disregard* -- The Organization of Society, Administrative Strategies, and Policy Networks -- The Politics of Collective Action -- Interest Heterogeneity and Organizing Capacity Two Class Logics of Collective Action?* -- Can Transaction Cost Economics Explain Trade Associations?* -- The Institutional Control of Organized Interest Intermediation -- Interest Groups, Self-Interest, and the Institutionalization of Political Action*


    Roland M. Czada, Adrienne Windhoff-Héritie