1st Edition

Political Chronologies of the World set

By Europa Copyright 2001
    2048 Pages
    by Routledge

    This six-volume regional series charts the major events and memorable dates in the political histories of the countries of the world.

    The Political Chronologies of the World set includes the following titles:A Political Chronology of Africa; A Political Chronology of the Americas ; A Political Chronology of Central, South and East Asia ; A Political Chronology of Europe; A Political Chronology of the Middle East; A Political Chronology of South-East Asia and Oceania

    Each volume provides:

    * Individual country profiles
    * Chronological listings of major events from the birth of the nation to the most recent history
    * Economic, social and cultural developments that have affected the political history of a country
    * Major events charted include: elections, wars, border disputes, invasions, assassinations, the formation of leading parties, treaties and constitutional changes
    * Special emphasis is given to contemporary affairs, particularly in nations that have undergone extensive political upheaval.


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