1st Edition

Political Economy of Illegal Drugs

By Pierre Kopp Copyright 2004
    by Routledge

    240 Pages
    by Routledge

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    With debates surrounding the decriminalisation of certain illegal drugs raging in many countries around the world, this new book is a timely and sober reflection on one of the biggest social problems facing the world at large. Of interest not only to economists, but also to criminologists and those involved in policy-making, The Economics of Illegal Drugs is an accessible, comprehensive and international review of the topic and the usefulness of applying microeconomic analysis to drug production and distribution.

    Chapter 1. Organization and Stratagies 1. Illegal Distribution: The Flow of Drugs 1.1. Drug Production 1.2. Trade Flow 1.3. International Trafficking and Mark-Up 2. Drug Sales and Income 2.1. Source Countries 2.2. Wholesale Sale and Profits 2.3. Retail Sales 3. Criminal Organization 3.1. The Monopoly Thesis 3.2. And Its Contestation 3.3. Oligopoly With Fringe 3.4. Inside The Criminal Organization 3.5. Criminals like simplicity 3.6. Criminals Seeking For Rules Independent Criminals and Criminal Organization 4.1. Production Factors Provided by the Criminal Organizations 4.2. Loyality or Betrayal 4.3. The Importance of Reputation Criminal Organizations and Legal Economy 5.1. The Impact of the Criminal Economy 5.2. The Indirect Effects of the Criminal Economy 5.3. Evaluations of the Ultimate Effect on the Economy Conclusion


    Pierre Kopp is Professor of Economics at Pantheon-Sorbonne University, Paris I, France.